Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zaino Car wash

my car was totally covered with dust,sand,bird poop,
and some other stuff that is hard to explain.Jie Rul
told me to try out this new Carwash call Pro Auto
-K Service just behind
Bismi book store at gadong,so head out over there
and see how is their service and so on.

Well i gotta say i was impress by the staff and manager
kind and polite
way of talking to customer,This is what i wanted to
see. cause some other car wash company
their service is a little bit rough and unpolite,
its something like someone smash an iron crow bar
or a cat pee at his face kinda look.

Before and After Headlight Cleaning

The Final Result was just Perfect and totally clean,
Except on my way home its started to rain but still
its worth the money.

Have a Try at Pro Auto-K Service if you have time

W1,Gadong Property Workshop
KM 3.5 Gadong,BSB Brunei
Phone: 242 7111

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