Sunday, January 29, 2012


Its sunday.. A very good day to do D.I.Y, again another exhaust needed to be replace, i was expecting a gnarly sound, but i was wrong.. It was nearly the same as the stock exhaust sound,but the power difference was just great.

Friday, January 27, 2012

For sale!

‎BBK 320mm rotor with caliper extender for any car
Can Fit for 4 hole with pcd 100.
Price is bnd $400.

Interested Please call 8765259 / 8757221

Brake Safer With BBK


this is not a very good thing

D.I.Y : Exhaust

Once again like always, sitting down drinking teh tarik halia. then Mr Zhar Za call up asking if i am free or not to install the exhaust.yeahhh why not lets do this.

Weapon R ( racun )

Just got tagged from a friend, a poisonous item For 1NZFE plus it can be use with the OEM Throttle body (T-T)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SHH Pro Shop

i just got Back home so the next day i decided to went out for a quick visit at SHH Pro Shop new location,which is located in Menglait Central. The Place was quite Nice, the parking lots was bigger than before and the show room was an eye catcher,did took some picture of the new place, and the owner told me that there will be a grand opening soon probably end of this January if i am not mistaken,if you wanna know more about it ,you may call up SHH Pro Shop at 673-2-420142 for further detail about the Grand Opening.

Dyno day

So we decided to bring it for a dyno, call up RedLine Tuning House and tell em we gonna bring our ride there and see how much did it gain on the rollers.

Well the result wasn't that bad,then again its a basic mods. from here we know the Result. Now its just waiting for the part to be install,after that we gonna try to bring it back here again for a 2nd dyno test


Changing the old filter into new ones,the problem is the air intake kit which we bought from the shop doesn't supply the filter replacement,how cool is that. anyway we just bought the HKS replacement which fit just fine.. almost fine.

After this we gonna bring it for a dyno test,just wanna check how much we gain after installing basic Mods like Air intake,Racing Manifold and Exhaust. Once Dyno test then some few goodies will be install.

Next on the Mod list E manage Ultimate