Sunday, October 31, 2010

mazda 3 to let go

Mazda 3 2008 model auto to let go, just continue bank $475 x5years and change of ownership is a must..intrested please contact ji hoon at 8161012

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some Info's

RAYS have released the following statement:

Dear Valued Customers,

We greatly appreciate your support for RAYS products and services.

We are already aware of many replica products out on the current market.

One of the most recent products was the replica of our RAYSGEAR DURA-NUTs.

The images on the right show the differences between the original and the replica.

These differences include: package logo, print, colour and finishing on the inside of each bolt.

We are unaware of the strength and durability of each item, however, kindly be reminded that these hold the wheels onto your car. It can be disastrous if the products fail during usage (the same issue applies to replica wheels).

Please make sure to purchase authentic RAYS products through an authorised RAYS dealer.

All RAYS products are researched, developed, and tested to meet and exceed required standardisations globally.

In the upcoming weeks, we are taking procedures to make necessary changes to make sure that authentic items can be separated from the replica.

Again, we appreciate your understanding and your continuous support with RAYS.

Thank you,

Overseas Marketing Division
RAYS Company Limited

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bride: HisTrix

HISTRIX is designed and developed exclusively for Classic Cars with nostalgic design, still with the most updated technology from Bride of high intesity facture Aramid for shell material. All hand- made Ring and Bar style finish on its back keeps the driver comfortable with the ventilation, covered with best quality synthetic leather for durability and natural-look appearance.

Friday, October 22, 2010

BCT new sticker

Salam BCT is sample pic of your new BCT sticker.the price is $5 with Yellow and Black colour and $7 with Black and Chrome colour (if im not mistaken)..if you want this sticker can contact BCT owner either Mr. smokey or Mr. Yan-destroyer to get one of this.thanksss....

Monday, October 18, 2010


here is our new member using mazda 6, sorry on the welcoming picture...
is it too much eyh? yeah i do think so hehehe anyway welcome welcome

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blue DC5

Tuning does not necessarily mean going over the top with paint and body work, a car can look as cool as you want it to, in the case of this Acura the owner Joshua Roman knew what he wanted to do on the surface a cool looking machine, underneath it is anything but that.

The suspension needed changing, how the car sits makes a lot of difference to the final product, but it starts here and he installed HKS Hipermax Coilovers for a stiffer ride.

A cool set of Ray Gram Lights at 17 x 8.5 fitted with 245/40-17 BFGoodrich sports tyres, the standard track rubber no matter where you are located.

With some adjustments to the body, making sure that body does not fits in the right places, and you have to say that it does with this one, the cars lines are not rubbed out to make it streamlined they are shaped with performance in mind.

In all this car, beautiful specimen is a work of Acura art as visualised by a master craftsman.

Turbocharged 2004 Acura RSX DC5 – Carte Blanche ‘04 Acura RSX


333 whp, 280 lb-ft of torque

Engine – K20A2, Greddy turbo kit and intercooler, Evo TT catback exhaust, Profec B Spec II boost controller, turbo timer; upgraded oil lines, IPS KT1 forced induction camshafts; ES polyurethane motor mount inserts; Hondata K-Pro ECU

Drive train – Exedy Hyper single clutch

Suspension – HKS Hipermax coilovers; Beatrush front strut bar, C-pillar bar; J’s Racing rear strut bar, lower tie bar, inner fender braces; Tracy Sports quick steering support

Wheels/Tires – 17×8.5 Rays Gram Lights 57 Optimise; 245/40-17 BFGoodrich G-Force Sport tires; Kics Project 15mm spacers (front); Blue Rays Duralluminum lug nuts

Brakes – Hawk HP brake pads

Exterior – Full J’s Racing CFRP Type-S aero kit, 3D GT-Wing, +20mm front wide fenders; 2005+ DC5R HID headlights and taillights; MRacing carbon mirrors with custom GT Motoring base plates.

Interior – DC5R Recaro front seats, DC5R shift knob , shift boot; Auto Meter boost and EGT gauge; MOMO Monte Carlo 350mm steering wheel with Splash hub adaptor.

Source: Ride Your Pimp

D.I.Y : Meters

This is the adapter for the Oil Temp

here are the original Radiator hose which is on his left hand and the other hose is from other car that i don't remember, the reason we bought a different one is because we don't wanna cut the Original hose...yeah rite.they may be few cuts here and there.

see the difference? i have to change to a bigger Oil Filter cause the old one i am using is kinda small, so if i use the old one there will be a leak all over ..don't want that to happen

doing the final check just to make sure there is no leak here and there, remember the clamp need to be check or even better get a good quality clamp,to prevent unwanted things to happen

finally it work like a charm.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hanging Out at Dean's

Used Items For Sale

Salam again to all readers...

A friend of mine wanna sale his few used items as state below.anyone interested to this items can
make a phone call or via sms to the owner ;-

8979767/8173115 (Runi)

*Apexi AFC Neo* -B$450

*Stainless Steel Intake Piping For Stream K20*
(give your best price for this item)


Salam BCT readers

Honda Civic EF for letting go..3.8k
for more details just contact the owner -8838353 (dudeh)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New rubber

its about time my tires needed to be change, rain keep pouring down these days and road is kinda slippery too.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Car For Sale

Another cool looking Ride to let go, this time its a RX7 FC3S

Price: $ 8,000

Condition: a few stuff that need to be fixed

For more info on this ride please contact:


Engine Mounting

Have you check your Engine Mounting lately? here what happen to razak engine mounting .. it busted up wide open. lucky the mounting still attach to the engine, if he didn't sent it for a check up probably something bad will happen... like buying a new pony .

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wanna Swap?

Wanna Swap with this Subaru STI Version 8
Monthly : $710
Left : 3 years to go
Condition: good

Swap with either :
- The New Kia Cerato Koup


- Nissan Skyline GTS-T R33

For more detail please

Monday, October 4, 2010

Itchiro Happy Moment

After a long wait finally itchiro Stuff has arrived, he was too happy i have to do a sensor to his eyes because of his tears of joy. anyway the package came in a big box and what caught my eyes was the exhaust tips . the tip look so awesome i try to replace it with something that look like a tip,i think itchiro still doesn't notice it that the tips is already long gone.

Sayonara Stock Exhaust and moshi moshi Toda Exhaust!!!!!!!!!!