Tuesday, May 29, 2012

D.I.Y: How To Remove Broken Spark Plug

One of the broken part of the spark plug (top)
Easyout Screw Extractor Set - BND5.00
Tool that use for extracting the broken part of the
spark plug embedded deep down in the engine block
The broken piece of the spark plug took out
from the engine block 

D.I.Y: JDM Wiper Mod

I wanted to do this a long long time ago, but now I have my chance to DIY - JDM Wiper Mod. The reason I'm doing this because, if you notice when you had the wiper horizontal all the dust, sand, small debris would collect on the blade and when you use the rear wiper to wipe the window all it did was cause more dirtiness and scratch the window. So now, the rear wiper sits vertical, no dust and no sand.

Tools needed are:

- Phillips screwdriver
- Flat head screwdriver
- 10mm socket wrench

Level of difficulty: Very easy.
Estimated time completed: 10-15 minutes.

Let's get on to the DIY shall we?

These are the tools needed.

Factory current setup.

Remove the rear wiper cap.

Unbolt the rear wiper hex bolt using 10mm socket wrench.

Remove the hatch panel using a flat head screwdriver
and carefully pull to open one at the time.

Once you've taken off the rear panel, you'll see the wiper motor and then pull off the connector.
Unbolt 3 hex bolts using 10mm socket wrench. The brass bolt remained on the wiper motor frame.

Remove 4 screws using Phillips screwdriver.

Once removed, you'll see a long rectangular pinion attached to a plastic gearing
on one side and a metal pivot on the other.

Carefully lift up the pinion using a flat screwdriver a little bit and reposition the metal pivot
by sliding it down to the opposite hole and push it in. Reinstall everything backwards.

Play around with it so you don't wipe your rear garnish.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EX with the new shoes

For Sale: Hayden ATF Cooler Kit

Left 1 more in stock . for what? its for your Auto transmission . why do i need this thing? well it save your transmission if you are a hardcore driver.


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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Red Swift


A very good Setup done by mr Daush on his ride,will wait for his up coming mods soon


 HKS Air Intake

HKS Exhaust

E Manage Blue

Friday, May 18, 2012

Expect The Unexpected

Expecting the unexpected is the issue,but so far the unexpected can be solve in a few more episode or maybe the next up coming season.

Hella Flush or Hella Kundai?

A discussion with Amir and Mr Shah regarding Haltech.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project: Yaris

After a long hour of work,a pile of sweat,tons of wasted cash, and work pressure..then finally it is done.. a time to get it done by a Haltech Tuner.
Mazda RX7 FC3S with 17" Original Desmond Regamaster MP
Mazda RX7 FC3S for sale BND15k ono
No swap need money only..
comes with Original Desmond Regamaster MP
very light rims
17 x 8 et 35
17 x 10 et 20
with new tyres.

Valid roadtax and insurance. Rarely Driven.
 All item will be given away.

View in KB area only!!
Contact me at 8822468


White and Blue is the new look for WanSapit

Enkei RPF1

Enkei RPF1

MAT PROCESS: Shaping by the MAT process reduces wheel weight by 10%-15%. Every pound of unsprung weight savings has the effect of reducing overall vehicle weight by 20lbs.

F1 REPLICA: Enkei is an official supplier of the McLaren Mercedes Formula One Team. The RPF1 was develop using the same technology as the Formula One race wheel. TWIN SPOKES: Enkei's dual open stance spoke design is used on the McLaren Mercedes Formula One race wheel. The twin spokes achieve better stress dispersion on curves, hard braking, and extreme race driving.

CENTER DESIGN: Enkei's pocket design around the bolt circles increases rigidity and keeps the wheel cooler during aggressive race driving.

Enkei RPF1 Size Chart
Click on image to enlarge

Universal Electrical Dump Valve Kit For Turbo Diesel

What is a dump valve?

Most production turbocharged engines are fitted with a dump valve. This is to vent away excessive turbocharger boost pressure when the throttle is closed.

The dump valve has basically two operating conditions; throttle open and throttle closed. When the throttle is open, the boost pressure coming into the valve from below the diaphragm is equaled by the pressure onto the top of the diaphragm that comes via the small hose from the engine plenum chamber. As the pressures are equal, the spring holds the diaphragm onto its seat, and prevents the pressure venting away. When the throttle is closed, the pressure coming into the top of the valve is significantly reduced, (often to a vacuum), and the pressure below the diaphragm lifts it away from its seat, allowing the excess pressure to vent away. As the throttle reopened, the pressures again equalize, the spring pushes the diaphragm onto its seat, and the boost pressure cannot vent away.

What about turbo diesel dump valve?

If you are asking if you can use a petrol dump valve in your turbo diesel car, the answer is NO. Petrol dump valves are useless to your car because diesel cars are built differently from petrol turbo cars.

Turbo diesel cars are not equipped with the same throttle plates as in a petrol turbo car that controls the engine speed. In a diesel car, the engine needs all the air that the turbocharger can give it. It thrives on compressed air for its cylinders to function optimally. A diesel dump valve will only provide the sound but no performance gain.

Diesel dump valve therefore, not really needed because your turbo diesel car loves the high pressure build up. Should you insist on installing a diesel dump valve in your turbo diesel car, you only get the 'woosh' sound when you shift gears.

There isn't much point in arguing about the necessity of the dump valve in a turbo diesel car. You could install it if you want the performance sound but its down to individual choice and preference as not everyone who drives a turbo diesel wants to install a dump valve.

Universal Electrical Dump Valve Kit For Turbo Diesel
The dump valve is electronically controlled to allow it to work correctly just like on a petrol, only they are usually louder as turbo diesels typically run higher boost pressures.

This kit is universal for all intercooled turbo diesel cars. Pleased be warned you can not use other standard dump valves or blow off valves on turbo diesel cars because turbo diesel do not use vacuum like petrol turbocharged cars, you need a kit with vacuum solenoid and wiring loom which connects to the throttle sensor.

What is inside the box?

Universal Electrical Dump Valve Kit Contents

This is FULL KIT including valve and not just the valve. Comes with all necessary parts as shown in the photo above and also comes with general fitting instructions, recommend a professional installation.

For more information, please feel free to enquiry Speed Master Racing on Facebook

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Behind the scene: In Yer Face Pt 2

 The In Yer Face company Delivery Boys

 Radi Wedding Day before opening the mystery box

He didn't expect what was in the box,but in the end it was something that he really wanted but not the striking color tho LOL! well that is how we do it on In Yer Face Show.

Manage to take picture of his Nissan Juke

anyway to Radi congratulation and Welcome to the married life ^_^

Behind the Scene: In Yer Face Pt 1

 Ready to be packed

With Ribbons

Turbosmart Kompact Dual Port BOV

The Turbosmart Kompact series of universal blow off and bypass valves offer great performance and higher versatility than OEM valves at a more affordable price. The Turbosmart Kompact series valves have been designed as a bolt-on replacement for many plastic factory Bosch or Denso BOVs and offer superior flow, full adjust ability and greater structural integrity under boost and ideal for cars with constrained engine bay access.

Turbosmart BOVs are designed to reduced turbo spool up time from idle and reduce turbo lag between gears for even greater performance from your turbocharged vehicle. At the same time they are a must have for vehicle running increased boosts levels over standard as the factory valve is designed to leak boost.

Dual outlet type BOV. Dual port vents both to the atmosphere and back into the air intake. Ports with sequential timing allow quieter operation during normal driving, while getting all the benefits of a vent to atmosphere BOV under race conditions. Easily converted to a full atmospheric or full bypass unit by using supplied port blanking plug.

The application fit most cars using the factory BOSCH or DENSO bypass valves. Available in 20mm, 25mm, and 34mm outlet diameters. Supplied with pictorial fitting instructions and a blanking plug.

For enquiry Speed Master Racing on Facebook