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What you should know about Drifting

What is drifting?Drifting is a skillful driving technique that intentionally disrupts the vehicle's balance while cornering by exaggerating oversteer. This causes the rear tires to lose traction, allowing the rear end of the vehicle to swing out toward the outside of the curve at a greater angle than the front wheels. The driver controls the sideways sliding motion throughout the duration of the corner (or corners) with an emphasis on accuracy, technique, and style. Simply put, you haul ass into a corner, kick out the rear end, power slide your ride through the turn roasting the tires the whole time, and repeat!

Is drifting a race to the finish line?Not at all. In fact, drifting is one of only a handful of motorsports that is not. In pro drifting competitions, drifters are judged in 4 specific areas: following the correct race line (as determined beforehand by the judges), the car's angle throughout the drift (more angle wins more points), speed through the curves, style. Smooth transitions from turn to turn, billowing clouds of smoke from spinning tires, and drifting as close to the wall as possible without touching all score big at drifting events.

What is oversteer?Oversteer describes the condition while negotiating a turn where the rear tires lose traction while the front tires stay in contact with the road. If uncorrected, the back of the car slides towards the outside of the turn and spins out (usually resulting in a crash). Oversteer can be produced in several ways, including tapping the brake, abruptly letting off the throttle, or by executing a sharp downshift that disrupts tire/road contact. Drifting is basically a controlled form of oversteer.

How did drifting get started?Oversteering has been a common practice in motorsports for many, many years. It has been most commonly used in oval dirt track racing, touring car racing, and rally racing. NASCAR drivers drift sometimes, except they call it being "loose in the turns." Drifting as its own area of motorsports began over 30 years ago in Japan, where the All-Japan Touring Car Championship races first began popularizing drifting as a racing skill. During the last 10 years or so, its popularity has spread worldwide. Professional Japanese drivers are now so popular that they are recognized celebrities!

My ride is front wheel drive. Can I drift?Technically, yes...although all pro drifters drive rear wheel drive cars. Drifting a FWD car usually means a brief jerk of the e-brake handle to get things in motion. This technique, commonly known as "ass dragging," is not used by many RWD drifters, but it's the only consistent way to make a FWD car drift. When approaching a turn, simply pull the e-brake to cause traction loss. Oh yeah...don't forget to hold in the release button, or things will get very ugly, very fast!

What are the most popular cars used for drifting?The most popular and best suited drift cars have several things in common:

-A front engine - rear wheel drive configuration
-Decent power production
-Well-balanced weight distribution from the factory
-Light weight and high agility
-A manual transmission

Keep those things in mind and you can't go wrong. Here's a brief list of some of the more popular drift rides:

-Nissan 240SX, 350Z, cefiro and Sylvia
-Toyota Corolla (GTS, AE86) and Supra ,cressida
-Honda S2000
-Mazda RX-7 and RX-8
-Lexus IS300
-Ford Mustang
-pontiac GTO
-Chevrolet Corvette
-and last but not least...Daihatsu Charmant also can mAAa~hehe

What are the basic mods I need to get started drifting?A solid ride is a great start for sure, so be sure everything is tuned-up and in good shape first. You can play a bit with what you've got to get the feel, but not much. You'll quickly reach the limit of a stock ride's performance, which usually includes being embarrassed to some degree. Some good beginner mods include suspension upgrades, intake and exhaust, bucket seat and 5-point harness, LSD (that's a limited slip differential to our generation), and some extra tires to destroy. Also, don't forget to check with your local track for what's required to race (helmet, clothing, etc.). Check out the Drift Shop Buyer's Guide for lots more info on what's required to turn your car into a drift machine.

Will drifting damage my ride?Well, the answer to that question really depends on a few things. Keeping from sliding into objects like walls, tire barriers, and other cars is a good habit to get into. As far as normal wear and tear goes, your tires will suffer most. Expect to spend some cash there if you're planning on hitting the track often. Inspect your ride after each session and make note of potential issues while on the track and try to catch them before they become expensive.

Do I need an aftermarket limited slip differential (LSD) to drift?That's affirmative. An LSD allows the power to be used by both of the rear wheels evenly by locking them together. An open differential, or non-LSD, allows the drive wheels to rotate independently depending on the load placed on them. In other words, if you're cornering and the majority of the vehicle's weight is on the right rear tire, the left rear tire spins freely. A slide cannot be sustained in these conditions. Some cars will be equipped from the factory with an LSD, but not many.

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Happy 26th Brunei National Day


23 FEBRUARY 2010


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Happy chinese new year 2010

Lukey Exhaust Systems

Walker leads the Australian exhaust market with an extensive range of replacement mufflers, engine pipes, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, universal mufflers and accessories. Included in Walker's extensive product range is the well - known Australian brand, Lukey.

The Lukey brand is also a dominant brand in the Australian market and encompasses all performance exhaust systems and accessories manufactured and sold by Walker Australia.
In the original equipment market, Walker supplies to all major local vehicle manufacturers including Ford, Holden, Toyota and Mitsubishi. So you know that when you buy one of their products - your buying from the best.

here are some of lukey products :

Performance Air Filters

Lukey has developed a range of new performance airfilters featuring our exclusive Ultra Flo technologythat increasese air velocity through your engine,giving your car an instant increase in performancewhile improving your engine's fuel economy. Lukey Air Filters feature unique Ultra Flo technologywhich allows the best mix of airflow and cool air filtration. The filters feature multiple layers of polyester fibrechannels that guide air through the filter without theair losing it's velocity. This unique channel structureallows a larger filtration surface than traditional airfilters, so they work far more effectively. Being made of polyester (not cotton) they don't needany gauze to prevent fluffing on the filter, so they'remuch easier to clean. You simply rinse the filter in a water .


A new Lukey Performance Header will increase the power of your car by 10% to 25% by reducing back pressure and promoting fast, efficient extraction of exhaust gases.
Manufactured from 1.6mm and 2.0mm Mild Steel, Lukey Performance Headers are an interference-type design aimed at giving performance increase over a wide range of driving conditions. Some designs available in 409 stainless steel. Finished in a high temperature black coating, rated at over 700 degrees Celsius. Laser cut flanges ensure perfect fitment with no heat warping.
Stainless Steel Tips
Lukey have a complete range of stainless steel exhaust tips that help add the finishing touch to virtually any vehicle. Manufactured from high polish, high chromium 304 Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel Tips offer several advantages over old style chrome exhaust tips. Stainless steel will continue to look good on a vehicle, long after similar chrome style tips have lost their shine or flaked.
Typically the appearance of chrome tips will last for less than 6 months; stainless steel tips however will hold their shine for the lifetime of the exhaust system. Most of the Lukey Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips range are push or interference fit and can be welded with no damage to the finish.

Sports Systems

Lukey 3" Super Systems provide you with outstanding performance and the famous Lukey growl. All Super Systems are made using mandrel bent pipes and incorporate the latest in Lukey design. Topped off with a Black heat proof performance coat, a Lukey Super System is the bolt-on upgrade you car needs.

Ultra Flo Muffler
The Lukey Ultra Flo muffler features a straight-through design for ultimate flow, power and performance. Its design is ideal for the driver who wants performance as well as the famous Lukey growl.
Available in two variations - polished Stainless Steel or Aluminum Coated Mild Steel (ACMS).
The high chromium polished Stainless Steel Lukey Ultra Flo has stainless steel wool wrapped around the perforated tube and is packed with high temp Continuous Roving Fibreglass (CRF) for maximum sound control.
The ACMS Lukey Ultra Flo is constructed with a 1.2mm ACMS shell and features a 409 Stainless Steel mandrel-bent continuous perforated tube. It's also packed with hi-temp Continuous Roving Fibreglass (CRF) for maximum sound control.

Turbo Muffler
The Lukey Turbo muffler design is one of the most popular performance mufflers in the world.
Patented flow directors that channel exhaust flow for maximum performance.
Fibreglass mat delivers a true performance sound.
Large internal diameter tubes for maximum flow.
Wrapped in a 1.2mm Aluminum Coated Mild Steel (ACMS) shell, all internal components and head plates for the Lukey Turbo are manufactured from 409 stainless steel and are MIG welded. The construction ensures the Lukey Turbo is durable enough to provide improved performance for years to come.

Race Muffler

The Lukey Race Muffler is specifically designed for race conditions, uncompromising on power, torque and durable enough to survive the high temperatures and rough knocks that motor racing dishes out.
Manufactured from unpolished 409 Stainless Steel, the Lukey Race also features 409 Stainless Steel internals and is fully MIG and TIG welded. The welds ensure the Lukey Race is durable and leak proof, with zero expansion of the joints. Packed with CRF (Continuous Roving Fibreglass) for maximum sound control.
Available in round and oval configurations.

Compact, round design for tight ground clearance.

Moderate sound control – suited to race use.
Straight through design for maximum flow.
Fibreglass packed for noise suppression.

Super Cat Converters

For superior performance and efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Large body design – for up to 460 CID engines when used as a two way converter.
26% more frontal area for increased performance.

HKS Turbokit For Sale $800

Only thing missing is a few studs and the oil pan so to install it the original oil pan needs to be drilled or get a ZAGE oil pan for $150. The HKS F Con Mini and if your going to use an Emanage blue or Ultimate i will give a free Greddy pressure Sensor.

NA cars are mostly equipped with MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) to sense the air being sucked into the engine. However when going to a boosted application where the air is force fed into the engine the MAF sensor will need to be clamped because of the different voltage reading.

Contact. 8627834

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For Sale: Tein Basic Compact Coilover for 07' Yaris/Vios

Little Drop can drop very low
Full Height


¥104,500 (MSRP)
Spring Rate:
Height Adjustment
Ft:-56 to -25
Rr:-47 to -25

Used For 7 Month only
Very Good Condition
Very Comfortable
Price: $1k
Contact: 8627634

Fits ONLY:
07' Vios

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Malaysian Drifter Tengku Djan

Tengku Djan Ley bin Tengku Mahaleel is the head of Proton Motorsports and is also a Malaysian professional drifting driver who has taken part in the D1 Grand Prix racing series and others. He has won the 12 hour Merdeka Millennium Endurance race twice in 2005 and 2006. Tengku Djan Ley is of the Kelantan royal lineage.

Tengku Djan Ley also competed in the 2005 FIA GT Zhuhai Supercar 500 race, sharing a Lotus Exige 300RR with Paul Stokell, the pair finished 14th overall and 2nd in G2 class. He finished 5th in the D1 Grand Prix's 2006 and 4th place in the D1 Grand Prix's 2007 "World All-Star" tournament at Irwindale Speedway. He is also the Deputy Technical Director of A1 Team Malaysia starting from 2008/09 season of A1 Grand Prix.

Tengku Djan Profile

Name : Tengku Djan Ley bin Tengku Mahaleel

Age: 34 years old

Gender : Male

Location : Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur

Industry : Automotive/Motorsports

Occupation : Professional Race Driver/Vehicle Dynamics Engineer (Head of PROTON R3 Motorsports) Malaysian professional Drifter

Achievements : 3rd Overall Lotus Kumho Series Championship 2003; 2005 & 2006 MME 12Hr Endurance Overall Champion; D1 GrandPrix Malaysia ‘06 Overall Champion; D1 GP All Star World Series ‘06: 5th World Ranking; D1 GP All Star World Championship ‘07: Best-8; Formula D Singapore ‘08: 1st Runner Up; D1 Grand Prix ‘Tokyo Drift’ Odaiba ‘08: 25th position; Red Bull Drifting World Championship: Best-16; Star Drift Challenge 2008 Series Champion; 1st Runner Up Formula Drift Asia-Thailand 2009; Champion Formula Drift Asia-Singapore 2009; Champion Formula Drift Asia-Malaysia 2009.

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wheels for sale. (SOLD)

Another stuff for sale,this time its a 18 inch sport rim. Here are the details.

Its a Lin7 brand,dark chrome colour,size is 18 inch x 7.5 wide,5 holes with P.C.D 100 . 2 tires are still in good condition the other two tire are not,some of few lil scratch.

Selling for $800
Call up +6738177147

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It is only inevitable that Prius owners would want to start adding parts to their cars. I think this is ingrained in every car buff’s DNA. The first and second generation Prius’ look about as boring as you can get. And there is really no aftermarket support for this car; seems a little strange since there are over 1 million of these cars on the street today.

Tom’s Racing has been a tuner of all things Toyota in Japan since 1974. Being from Japan I have only read stories and seen pictures of Tom’s car wearing subtle body kits and sporting high performance parts. Well now Tom’s make a variety of parts for the Prius.

Tom’s has a nice upgrade to the ugly stock Prius rims. The 16-inch forged aluminum EP-1 wheel not only comes in a sweet silver color, but it is nice and light, and a big improvement over their 15-inch stock counterparts.
There is a nice front upper strut bar that connects the front upper mounts to improve body stiffness.
The Tom’s Barrel Exhaust is made of SUS 304 stainless steel and not only provide a nice visual que for the rear of the car, but also adds to the sound by creating a nice exhaust note.

The front spoiler adds a subtle hint of aggression and at least break up the stock boring feel. The lip is made from ABS which is more flexible and forgiving than fiberglass could ever be.

So set your Prius apart without sacrificing performance or fuel economy with some aftermarket parts.

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New CP Piston for sale

Salam and hello everyone.

Selling a new CP Piston bought all the way from CP Factory,piston is made for Toyota Vios 1NZFE,Still haven't been use.reason for selling bought the wrong piston .. T_T

Type : hi comp piston
Size : 75.5 mm
Price selling : BND$1100 Including pins and rings.
Condition : Brand new.

For Toyota vios owner out there,if you are interested on buying. Give me an email at

If you want to know about CP Piston, have a look at my previous posting bout CP Piston.