Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun Journey: Miri Part 1

its been a while i haven't gone down to miri,so i decided to go with mr Top Tuned Garage and see what is new in Miri. i guess its been a year , its been improving a lot. some few changes here and there,what i like the most is the Shell fuel filling station has Mc Donald its something like the best pit stop, wish they make something like that here,so i don't need to go far away to gadong just to buy Mc Donalds burgers.

You Know how much to replace this Sign Board Papers? well my guess is the worth of 7 Nissan Skyline R35 Spec V,it ain't cheap that why they haven't change it since a long time ago.

Breakfast at Mc Donald's

I like their K-car here in Miri

Spotted a Skyline R35

Raining all day in miri

Arrive at the place that we wanna go,so we left our ride here and use another ride.

To Be Continue..

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