Friday, July 26, 2013

Body repair

As time goes by, repairing each of the body parts an replacing some body parts which was plaster using a card box by unprofessional body repair workshop,you can check the previous post.

Another couple of days the car is gonna be back on the road

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hanging out

Hanging out with Raiz san chit chat bout the Track setup for our ride

Test it on the track

It was sunday, i bring my ride to a track, test it ,did a few warm session. After a few run my wheels flew due to cheap knock off bolts stud,luckily i manage to save after the incident. I also found out my rookie mistake that forgot to take the additional spacer during the warm up..Well lesson learns.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Poor workmanship

Honestly i am sick and tired people are cheated by some low life mechanic or body repair workshop, if we go back to my previous post where i send my car to a workshop where they call them self " PRO " , i pay a lot and in return the result was full of crap, it destroy my new aluminum radiator due to his where they call it a " PRO " custom built bracket, then i sent back the car to the place where they call them self " PRO " again a burst radiator hose which i ask the mechanic to change but he didn't and a missing car parts as well which mechanic stated he didn't take it out, because i took a picture of everything before i send it their workshop. Paying a big amount of money and now my car is unstable and f**k up as well. Thanks a lot .

Anyway another victim is this person spent $1,400 on body repair and a full body paint. Well after the car finish victim took the car then the next day there was a bubble on the new paint, so victim sent it over to the workshop next day and ask for a repair to the bubble paint, sadly the workshop charge the victim on repairing the bubble paint. Because maybe the victim wash the car after it was finish , so victim just leave the paint as it was. Until today when victim send it to a good friend of mine to sort out the bubble paint..

And guess what??

$1,400 of payment .. What is the cause of the bubble paint?.. The picture below showing material of what there are using. Material is a card box with plaster as you can see in the picture.

Is this how there are doing their work now? Taking advantage of people who doesn't have knowledge on cars and charge them expensively with sh*ts result ,do they ever think of how much he/she sacrifice on saving their money every month just to repair their cars? And they just f**k up their ride just like that? Well i hope those who take advantage on people doesn't know shits on cars will die in a worst man kind could never imagine and may god have no mercy on you. ^_^

Have a nice day

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bringing The jazz

Today mission was bringing down the jazz to Adry's place to do body repair, but sometin came up during our journey, which wasn't really good at all. But in the end we manage to reach our check point without any harm done to both of the jazz.

Cosmetic touch up

There she goes,  gonna wait couple of week to see the new different looks

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013


Last saturday i was changing my brake pad and saw mr wan, i don't think he realize or maybe he was in a hurry, any way i took a quick shot of his ride and here ya go