Friday, July 15, 2011

V8 or V12 Engine Sounds while driving

SoundRacer V8 and V12

Imagine starting up your modern, boringly silent car and the interior is filled with the thrilling sound of a powerful Super Sports Car engine…Shift in the first gear, hit the gas pedal and the driving experience will really excite you! In every phase of driving – accelerating, decelerating, shifting, cruising and idling — the sound is so convincing that it actually fools your senses to believe that you are driving the real thing, a Super Sports Car!

SoundRacer fitted into cigarette lighter socket. SoundRacer can be connected to your MP3 player for listening to music.

SoundRacer makes almost any car sound like a super sports car. No installation, no tuning, just plug into the cigarette lighter socket, select a frequency for the car stereo receiver and turn up the volume. Easy as 1-2-3! See video: click here. Listen to the sounds: click here

Mail from customer in USA: “I just wanted to tell you what a great product that Soundracer is. I got it this evening, plugged it into my VW TDI wagon and took off. It was great. I drove around with a big smile on my face for an hour. I just love it and I’m sure I will be ordering more.”

If you ever get tired of the exciting engine sound you can listen to your favorite music, just plug in your MP3 player and the music will sound loud and clear in your car stereo system.

It’s yours for just a little more than a standard Car FM Transmitter and your car will never be boring again. SoundRacer works on most car models in the world, also diesel and FlexiFuels. Automatic transmission is no problem either. Check the SoundRacer Listed Cars for compatibility.

Mail from customer in Azerbaijan, Baku: “I have tried Soundracer on two cars. Nissan Qashqai 2,0 (2008) and Mercedes ML 3,5 (2000). It is impossible to describe, how funny, cool and amazing it is. I would like to thank all your team for this product.”

Ferrari and Corvette

How It Works

SoundRacer has a developed a special technology to sense and calculate the car engine rpm and produce the sounds of a powerful Super Sports Car engine. The sound changes as you drive and SoundRacer even increases the speed of the engine sound so that you can drive at a normal speed and still get a very exciting engine sound. See under Tips and Tricks in the User manual how you can change the rpm increase ratio.

SoundRacer detects the small signals from the alternator on the 12V system in the car, it does not use ignition pulses. That is why it also works on diesel cars. Manual or automatic transmission makes no difference for SoundRacer, it works on both types but of course the rpm response is different on automatic transmission cars with hydraulic torque converter, the rpm increases as soon as you press the gas pedal.

A built in FM transmitter transfers the sounds on a selectable frequency to the car stereo system.

It also works as a standard Car FM-transmitter for MP3 players, such as iPod and iPhone, with a line in socket that provides an input for playing music on the car stereo. A cable with 2 x 3,5 mm stereo plugs are supplied in the box. As soon as you plug in the cable in the line in socket on SoundRacer, the engine sound is disconnected. The other end of the cable you just plug into the headphone socket on your music player and then the music is heard in the car speakers.


SoundRacer is a Swedish invention by Kenneth Palmestål. International patents pending.

SoundRacer is a registered trademark in 35 countries.

Industrial Design by designer Karolina Adolfsson, Studiodoo

SoundRacer use genuine engine sound samples, professionally recorded and prepared by Sound Designer Greg Hill, Soundwave Concepts

Software and hardware development by Anders Hermansson, Epsilon Embedded

Special Offer for Limited Period, 15 sets left only (4 x V8, 11 x V12) S$75.

Available from:

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