Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jim ride

It has that normal looks that some people didn't know
about this Suzuki Swift.

It has the sound like a normal stock suzuki swift even
tho its exhaust already been change to HKS Exhaust.

The F CON IS that what it say on the picture

the car is for his daily driving ride so its now running
0.25 bar with a nice 134 hp .

this car has the good stuff that i also want
to have soon, From the aftermarket stuff i seen in this
car is mostly HKS aftermarket parts. i think the owner
is trying to follow the steps of HKS Kansai Suzuki Swift
the owner is planing to boost it up to 0.7 bar soon and
installing some struts for better handling

well i must say you are nearly there buddy
,just a little bit of
upgrade then you will get yourself a nice and awesome ride.


daaush said...

mantapp! Hehe

ignis-sukan said...

rugged~ thumbs up to jim!

psychokid said...