Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

happy new year 2009

would like to say happy new year to all bct member and readers. Like always do fasten your seat belt and drive safe.


Brunei Compact Tuner Admin and family.

BCT BBQ pt. 2

happy new year guys..sory for the late update..just got back from KK ehe..enjoy the night

Monday, December 29, 2008

BCT 2008, to be continued

BCT Began in late May with only 3 members who met at, have grown and improved with the launching of this blog early July and followed by a forum where more people joined no matter what car he/she drives or what modifications.
Today we have members from all district even Temburong
Tuning shops also helps to support the club such as Sing Hiap Hin, Sen Yeong, Hydras by giving special discounts and promotions.
So many ups and down this year...
Coming soon....
See how each car have grown because of being racun'd by the man who started it all Mr.Sifu

Modifications of 2008

More to come.....

toyota vios add on >project vios 09

Let the pictures do the talking hehe

sport seat for sale

2 Sport seat for sale
Adjustable: yes indeed
Price: $550
Seat Frame : can fit Gen2 perfectly.
Contact: 8956822

To Sifu, continue to BCT carwash

In Your FACE hehe