Saturday, January 31, 2009

18inch rims for sale

My fren is sellin his 18inch rims 4bolt wif tyre for $900 buleh runding dikit
interested? pls contact at :

Friday, January 30, 2009

Custom chargespeed wide body vios!

Flood @ Kupang

This flood occured today 30/1/09



Car Humping.

always be careful when you leave your car with some other cars

Toyota wicked Starlet

this ride Belong to Mr michael Brown in sydney,he's really lucky to have this car, here are some info on his ride.

Engine: GT25 Series Garrett Turbo, custom inlet and plenum chamber, larger throttle body, custom exhaust manifold, Ivan Tinge cams, ported and polished head, CP Pistons, Argo Rods
Body: TOMS front bar, Custom Rear bar, Porsche 911 rear wing
Exhaust: 3"
Wheels/Rims: Lenson Mean 6
Suspension: Hot Bits Coil Overs, Whiteline rear adjustable sway bar, Cusco pillowball joints, Whiteline castor / camber
Audio: Alpine
Other: Microtech ECU, 330mm 2 piece rotors, Wilwood 4 spot brake calipers, Full cage from Japan, 271.6hp ATW

Michael Brown i salute you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BCT Forum member

here are picture d33zz ride from auckland, a toyota Vitz 1.0l Turbo.

This was before

and this was after

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Exhaust explained

Does exhaust makes power?

Is it true thats exhaust worsen fuel consumption?
Depends how good your ECU adapt to the changes in A/F ratio.

Why does it consume more fuel in some cases??
If you look at the graph, after installing the exhaust the A/F becomes rich thus consumes more fuel

What kind of exhaust do you want?
Any free flow exhaust can make power just find a good inlet size depending on your engine, and choosing an exhaust depends on your preference on size, looks, sound and quality.

If theres a bolt on exhaust for your car than you should go for it because you dont have to cut and weld anything, good quality, already R&D(piping size, bends, flow etc) to get the best performance from your car and most bolt ons from HKS, Tanabe, Blitz etc are JASMA apprved which means the noise level are very low while making performance

And you can install it by yourself, just lift your car and unbolt the old and bolt on the new

For custom exhaust just find the right size for your car and choose the correct piping size and a good quality welder and its recommended to use stainless steel so because smoother air flow, last longer and good looking

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jun Fatt @ Jerudong

The Boss

A well known exhaust shop in Jerudong for its price and quality, from cutom exhaust to 4x4 accessories,

the price for making this custom 2" stainless steel piping for this exhaust is only $85

Share your exprience off this shop

KB trip pt.3

Pics of the day