Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MidNight Photo Shoot

After having a great time at G4G Cribs,i went for a quick photoshoot at the usual place,but my brain was giving a signal to my eyes saying " Does this guy really understand the meaning of sleep or having rest?? " so i did my quick snap and went home.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The X Machine

After a week of my head injuries, i tried what my doctor told me to how to heal it in a perfect way, go outside and do what you like best.. so i decided to do what the doctor told me to do what i love most and that is test some new ride and drive fast.

I was really happy seeing its a Manual,but the thing i love the most is when the turbo started to spool that kinda feeling just blasted my mind and make me pee in my pants, with the Boost set up to 1.4 Bar by Ohura and i must say it was just perfect for my daily driving.

G4G Events


It was a Great Evening at G4G cribs and not to forget the BBQ and The Live band was absolutely awesome. At the End of the Event G4G announce the Winner of the BCT Photo Contest .

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Got Racun

Gen II


Well its already april and some already is working their ass off making their car go fast by adding a few of their special recipe.


Last Year the CBR event was totally awesome except it all went totally unplanned but it ended up great. CBR is a once a year event,so this year same thing like last year CBR II Started in Bandar and ended up at JP gerai in the evening.

Photo was taken by Mr Shy