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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TEIN General Manager

Tein GM paid an annual visit to Brunei's authorized TEIN distributor, Sen Yeong. Alan took him for a tour to some of the tuners and accessories shop in Brunei namely Hayashi, Sing Hiap Hin and also Seng Hoe Huat.

He took the manager on a ride on his GTR 32 so that Mr.Tomoika can feel the Brunei road especially on Tein suspension.

Should've brought him to Kampong roads hehe

OMP Products

OMP has a lot of products such as Foot wear,gloves,steering,helmets and so on. here are some stuff there a selling

WRC Steering Wheels RM$660

Corsa Footwear RM$360

Challenger Gloves RM$270

if you are interested in this item you can email:

VISauto Drag Monster


Vehicle: 1999 satria gti 4wd

Engine bottom: 4g63 2.2 liter, tomei pistons, stock rods & vis engine balancing

Engine top: vis custom intake manifloid, tomei 260 high cam, stainless stell valves & vis port & polish.

Force induction: t04r

Nitrous oxide: nos wet kit 100hp

Fuel system: main 1000ccx4, extra 1000cc x2, Fuchs racing fuel and octane booster

Ignition system: msd 7al’s

Exhaust: vis custom exhaust system

Engine management: microtech mt8 and unichip v4r & vis inhouse dyno tuning

Engine hp: 517 hp boost 1.6 bar (max2.2bar)

Air intake: vis custom

Custom body works: by vis co aero

Achievement: 4 times champion in a rows with best time 9.92 sec.

Latest Unichip Version Q

Unichip is a state of the art piggy-back ECU (Engine Control Unit), designed to optimise the tuning of your petrol car in harmony with your existing ECU. Because every UNICHIP is live tuned to your vehicle, you can be sure you're geting the very most out of your car and any modifications you've made to it.

When a car comes from the factory, it's ECU is set up with very cautious settings from the manufacturer, designed to take account of a wide variation in engineering tolerances, driving conditions and environmental factors. To fine tune each engine off the production line would take more time money and resources than makes sense for the manufacturer.

This is where the UNICHIP comes in. Using the up-to-the-minute tuning facilities of the UNICHIP we can guarantee to give you 100% of your engine's performance 100% of the time. What's more, using our unique modular design UNICHIP can control just about any performance modification you can think of, including Turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous injection, water injection, propane injection, launch control, full throttle gearchanges and much more.

  • Variable valve timing adjustment

  • Rev limit adjustment

  • Boost limit & level adjustment

  • Five individual maps which can be switched on the fly without any glitch

  • Water Injection mapping

  • Nitrous oxide progressive injection

  • Bigger/supplementary injector mapping

  • Variable manifold flap switching

  • Launch control

  • Full throttle gear shift

  • Anti over-DRifT control - push a button to tuck the rear back in when you over-DRifT!

  • Road speed limiter removal

  • Speedo conversion for non-standard wheel size

  • Shift light

  • Idle speed stabilisation for engine fitted with hot camshafts

  • Automatic gearbox optimization

  • Improved torque converter lock-up on automatic cars

As much as is possible! As every car is live tuned on a dynamometer and every car is different, it's impossible to quote exact figures, but most normally aspirated (non-turbo) cars will see 7-12bhp gains, with turbocharged cars giving anything from 20-60bhp depending on make or model. However, no other chip will give you more. We also gain better response by tuning the auto gearbox shift point so that the gearbox is less lazy. We improve the torque converter lock-up as well for better acceleration. This effect cannot be shown on the graph or on the dyno, but you can surely feel your car come alive even without driving hard!

In short, live-mapping on a dynamometer and proper monitoring equipment. Our dynamometer is also different from many in which ours has two rollers, one to measure power and the other one is the brake where we can hold the engine RPM steadily. This is very important for tuning. On a single roller dyno, the operator does many acceleration runs which do not mimic real world conditions. It does not have the ability to hold the engine at a fixed RPM. Only UNICHIP is fully customised to your individual car, so only UNCHIP can get the maximum performance out of your car whilst retaining all the standard safety and diagnostic functions of your standard ECU.

Absolutely not. All cars are tuned within the manufacturers safety limits. UNICHIP achieves its gains by running the engine more efficiently, not more harshly. We also do not rev your engine pass redline like some of our competitors.

Pivot 3 Drive Throttle

Drive-by-wire system are getting popular these days because manufacturers believe that it helps to keep fuel consumption and emission down, but this has resulted in a somewhat laggy throttle response.That problem can be cured easily with Pivot's 3 drive throttle controller, a simple device which allow the user to select the type of throttle response you prefer.

from Sports Mode which gives you a keenly sharp response for speedy driving to a slower than normal response to enable eco-driving even without thinking about it.
3-DRIVE is a next generation throttle controller for both Sports and Eco-driving.

Using Each Mode for Various Types of Driving
Quick Response for SPORTS Mode
Quick accelerator response for circuit and sports driving on mountain roads. After solving delayed response during acceleration.

ECO Mode: World's First Slowed-down Response
Slower accelerator response suited for eco-driving in towns and on highways. Slowing down acceleration response brings better fuel efficiency and a more comfortable ride.

• 3-DRIVE is the only throttle controller designed with ECO Mode.
• ECO Mode increases fuel efficiency over normal conditions by suppressing rapid acceleration; if rapid acceleration is continually carried out results will be nullified.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pt.2 Temburong Road Trip, Livewire invitation

Our 1st Temburong Breakfast

Thanks to the supporters Brunei Drift, G2C, Wangan and Mr.Carzine himself

The Show

Our OWS model

The Crew

Exhausted after the Show

Thank You to livewire for the certificate and support

Final photoshoot at Tutong before everythin is stock again hehe thanks for everyone support and livewire for the accomodation, great show and inviting us

Pt.1 Temburong Road Trip

Long Q at Kuala Lurah

Ferry adventure with the friendly neighbourhood blues

Live Wire Support vehicle " The Hummer"

Our crashing site