Saturday, June 26, 2010

New make over

Got It paint at Rudy San Under ground workshop, nice finishing

Back at home need to take out the old Bumper which is a pain in the ass

lots of bolt and nuts that need to be taken out,my advice get somebody to help you out.

the Finishing touch with a lil a bit of scratch here and there

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vitz RS Rear bumper

No hay sonido cuando se toca el teclado Toyota vitz RS ni cuando se reproduce . Like yeah ok.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toyota Vios: NEX Suspension for sale!


If you want to upgrade your handling performance here is your chance.

Brand: NEX Adjustable suspension
For : toyota vios O6
Condition : Good / use for 10 month only
Price : $750
Call : 8956822

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chassis Reinforcement For Street FF

The EG6 is a great platform for the beginning racer since it has plenty of aftermarket parts available on the market today. First, high performance tires and suspension were installed. Next, was the rear sway bar modification. The basics theory of racing a FF vehicle is to transfer the weight to the front by braking before the corner entry. However, during cornering, the car produces lots of understeer, especially without a LSD. By installing a bigger rear sway bar, the body roll is eliminated, providing more traction.

Additional support to the firewall/fenders can be applied with triangle fender reinforcement bars, boosting up the vehicle handling.

On this chassis, it may not be the best to install numerous strut and floor bars. In some cases, chassis flex can actually be of some aid during cornering. So first, drive the car at a race track to determine whether or not chassis reinforcement is necessary. Then, slowly start adding on components that enhance your ability.
The suspension settings should change as the driver's technique gets better. The chassis reinforcement starts there.

Inspect before the reinforcement
Under the upper suspension arm, there is a spot where the frame had been welded together. Inspect this area for cracks before performing any modifications.

No side reinforcement beams necessary for a roll cage
A 6 or 7 point roll cage is enough for a FF vehicle not equipped with a LSD. The side reinforcement beams may be too stiff for this setup.

Rear sway bar + triangle fender supports
By reinforcing the rear sway, the weight transfers to the front end of the car during cornering. Then, by adding the front triangle fender bars, the car is able to turn corners without a LSD.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

kitchen clearance sale - part 2

For 200SX Owners

above: again, a rare piece. Ultra racing 19mm rear sway bar. the secret to no body roll, important for drifting and traction driving too. $250 ( SOLD! )

above: ultra racing 4 point rear strut brace, painstaking imported into brunei. good for stiffening up the rear portion of the car. important for 200SX cuz the rear hatch is a weak spot. $250 ( SOLD! )

above: reluctant sale. ORIGINAL made in Japan Sparco seat rails for 200SX driver side. this is NOT available anymore. super super limited and high quality. the fit, the slide, the material, A1 quality. firm price $250

above: front strut bar for 200SX CUSCO. steel. $120 ( SOLD! )

If Interested call: 8720159

kitchen clearance sale - all must go by this week

these stuff is clogging up my friend kitchen so he need to clear them fast or else his wife will ask him to sleep in the kitchen. so here goes:

above: Stock 350Z fairlady 17" stagged rims. all sold with tires that can bring you home or to the tire shop to get new ones. going for $600

above: CUSCO strut bar for GTS-T or GTS R33 skyline. selling $150

above: spoiler taken from R32 GTR. rare piece. bought for $350 now selling $150

above: Cusco Power System sports clutch for SR20DET 5 speed gearbox i.e. S14 or 200SX with SR20DET conversion, cannot be used for S15 or 200SX CA18DET. Sports Clutch means better than stock but softer than super single. over 80% clutch disc unused. whole set going for $280
part number: 00C 022 D301N (disc) 00C 022 B011 (cover)

above: Exedy Racing Clutch (sports) for SR20DET 5 speed gearbox i.e. S14 or 200SX with SR20DET conversion, cannot be used for S15 or 200SX CA18DET. Sports Clutch means better than stock but softer than super single. over 80% clutch disc unused. whole set going for $280

part number: ND05T (disc) NC05T (cover)

If interested call up:8720159

Monday, June 7, 2010

Engine Swap for Mazda 2?

500hp and 400 lb.-ft. hmmm can it fit the Mazda 2? i haven't got a clue.

6th June Carnival

Car Show on the 6th of june was organise by MOH, the purpose of the show was for charity. This picture was taken by Wan cause i didn't bring any camera with me that time.

Is this a cool ride?? Yeah it is!

This one is a blast, i dunno how much he spent to make it look like KL Drift ride, but i gotta say this is nasty and i Like it a lot!

The Guys

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Measuring Wheel Offset

To calculate offset you'll need the following measurements:

Wheel backspace
Wheel Width
Wheel Center line (outboard flange to inboard flange measurement / 2)


Wheel center line from Wheel backspace to get offset.
If backspace is less than the wheel centerline the offset is negative
If backspace is greater than the wheel centerline the offset is positive


To convert from inches to mm multiply by 25.4
To convert from mm to inches divide by 25.4

Backspace to Offset Conversion Chart

The table on the right is q quick reference for finding offset, pick the rim width and follow the row over to the backspace of your wheel.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wheels For sale:18 inch ( SOLD! )

For sale

Wheels size: 18 x 7.5
Holes: 4 Bolt
PCD : 100/114.3
Condition: Good ,tires 80 % tread
Price: $900
Call: 8184866