Monday, November 30, 2009

About CP Pistons

3D Modeling
Each forging is designed using an advanced 3D modeling software package and is qualified through a rigorous Finite Element Analysis entity. 3D modeling enables CP to check thicknesses and weights before manufacturing allowing them to produce the strongest and lightest part for your application.

CP has developed proprietary tooling, dedicated cutters and unconventional fixtures to ensure that each piston is produced to the highest quality. Their 5-axis machining techniques allow them to create any piston while their computerized electronic inspection equipment makes sure they manufacture parts to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

At CP, all pistons are created equal
Whether you are a professional racer or a weekend warrior, CP prides itself to giving you the best part possible for your applications. All pistons at CP are put through a demanding quality control system and precise computerized machining, ensuring that your piston is the best piston available.

CP Standard Features

Anti Detonation Grooves (Contact Reduction Grooves) are grooves that protect the top ring by disrupting detonation waves. Also know as contact reduction grooves, these grooves limit the piston/cylinder contact during high temperature and RPM.

Accumulator Groove is a V shaped groove machined in the 2nd ring land to collect excess blow-by between the top and second ring. This groove collects residual gasses during combustion and alleviates top ring flutter while increasing ring seal. CP groove stands for Constant Pressure Groove. This groove works as a channel on the lower part of the top land that equalizes pressure to the back of the top ring groove. When used in combination with lateral gas ports, the CP groove helps keep gas ports clear of carbon build up. In addition, the CP groove prevents the top land from smudging into the top ring if the land rubs the cylinder bore

Double Pin Oilers in conjunction with there dual fed reservoir add twice the amount of oil from the cylinder wall to the wrist pin.

X-Forgings are designed to minimize friction and reduce weight without compromising strength. With the use of bracing and ribs, the forging is configured by adjusting the weight balance between high and low stress areas. This design enables the use of a shorter pin for added strength and weight savings.

Radius Domes are used to maximize quench while eliminating possible hot spots that promote detonation.

Cam and Barrel: Extensive research and development has been done to find the optimum skirt shape for each piston. Having the correct cam and barrel on a part promotes the following:

1. Tighter clearances
2. Less noise
3. Better ring seal
4. More power
5. Durability
Depending on the forging and application, different cam and barrel profiles are utilized for maximum performance.

1902 Mc Gaw

Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: 949-567-9000
Fax: 949-567-9010
Automotive / Marine:
Sport Compact:
Powersports / Street Bike:

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Here some picture for those Getz Owner,this is a turbo upgraded Getz from Korea,i salute you Guys or gals for making it into a nasty beast, they even manage to get a 230 HP and boosting up to 1.2 bars . Small hatch car with a lot of Powa! weeeeeeee!!!!!!

With all the seat has been taken out,That gotta be damn light!

Visit their site at

Saturday, November 28, 2009

C-One Mission For 1NZ-FE ( NCP13 )

Another New part for The 1NZ-FE. Its also available for the NCP91.

Salam Aidil Adha

To All Muslimin and Muslimat


Brunei Compact Tuner

Swift Titan Muffler From Ganador

this is Titan Exhaust from Ganador,well as you know this exhaust is madee from titanium, it does look really awesome,creepy,insane,bla bla bla and so much more that 3 novels isn't enough to explain it. this Exhaust cost a fortune, i can buy 4 house with that kinda price.. no i m just kidding. The price is roughly around $3622.. yes i say it again $3622 Brunei Cash,isn't that wonderful? Pengsannnn.

Jazz / Fit J's Racing Parts

J's Racing parts are totally awesome, The company did a lot of Parts for the Jazz / Fits from suspension, Engine and tons of stuff that i can't really describe it. Here are Catalog for Honda Jazz / Fit from J's Racing UK Website.

If you wanted to see more on this J's Racing Honda Jazz / Fit Parts Please do Visit


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CarShow AnyOne??

Salam..To all BCT members Anybody who want to join the car show on the 4-6 Dec do let me noe before 29th Nov meet me up at dewan Seri kenangan Tutong at 4pm..di sana ada kana brief tue about the carshow..BCT members sila ambil maklum hehehe

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tutong carnival 2009

Motor fair,wedding fair and lots of activities come and join the carnival on the 4-6 December 2009 held at Dewan kemasyarakatan daerah Tutong.

source taken from : for more info pls visit their website..

if you guys and gals wanna participate on the car event,please do come on the 29th of november at 4pm,Dewan kemasyarakatan Tutong. There you will be brief about the car event detail. So see you all there.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Lexus IS-F in Brunei

Couldn't believe that the ISF is Finally here in Brunei

Rayhan is telling that he is gonna buy two of this after he graduate

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Knight Sport Demio

Knight Sports is a specialist in RX-7,RX-8, The Mazda Demio DE5FS ,here are the picture of their project Demio Up graded with a Super charger kit design for Demio and this whoop ass demio produce 170 PS from Dead Stock 108 PS! Pengsan..

Few Parts for Demio from Knight Sports

The Super Charger Kit For Demio

Phone 03-5755-1211 03-5755-1211

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Xanthic CIVIC From OPTION2

Looks ordinary, but it's really an incredible creation. This is the new Spocon style!
At a quick glance, this car is nothing more ordinary than a regular civic. It just looks to be a sporty civic with a candy red paint job that shines radiantly in the sun.
The true nature of this machine becomes revealed as we take a closer look.
This must be the first car in the entire world to be fully wrapped in red colored carbon fiber. Their 1st creation was a silver carbon fiber Prelude, which astonished the whole world with its beautiful looks. The base material was silver carbon fiber for this civic. This special material is known to be stiffer than a regular carbon weave, making it extremely difficult to bend it into a curved surface. This civic was constructed as an heir of previous project, this time a gleaming red carbon body was built by utilizing a special color coat on the silver carbon material.
Another original idea was integrated into this project. They made a tilting hood mechanism by utilizing custom hood stay components for support.
It was said to be very difficult to create a tilting hood for civics because of its limited space around the front end. Xanthic began developing the single hood support component and made it so that it would slide, resolving the the space issue.
The engine modifications were done right, creating 250 horses with the help of a NX Nitrous System. The suspension installed utilizes an external tank for better driving performance.
This machine has a load of work done to it despite its average appearance. This gorgeous, yet calm appearance may be the next trend in the spocon style tuning.

The beautifully anodized valve cover isn't just for show. An Integra Type-R B18C motor was planted along with AE101 individual throttle bodies. On top of this, an NX wet nitrous kit was hooked up, for a 250 horsepower setup. Weld has done a spectacular job in creating this machine, with not a single exposed wire in sight.

Xanthic Tilt hood/Front Bumper/Wide Fender/Side Skirts/Rear Bumper/Trunk(all are made in color carbon)/Gull Wing Kit/ Euro Tail/ TOYO Proxes (215/35-19) WORK XS A-02C (FR:7.5J +370 Weld Custom size)hine, with not a single exposed wire in sight.

Contact: Xanthic

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Super Pro Bushing

Replacing your car rubber suspension bushes with SuperPro Polyurethane Suspension Bushes will give you:

* Better road holding
* Constant steering geometry
* Increased tyre life
* More responsive steering
* Longer service life of suspension components

Products are constantly tested and re-engineered on their own vehicle fleet, customers' vehicles in the UK, Europe and around the world, as well as a conducting a continuous program of cyclic testing on specifically-designed test equipment.

With our extensive range of superior quality bushes, we don't just sell Polyurethane Suspension Bushes; we provide complete solutions to suspension and steering problems.

All SuperPro Polyurethane Suspension Bushes are supplied as kits including:

* Polyurethane Bushes
* Mild Steel Sleeves
* Washers
* Grease
* Instructions as required

SuperPro Europe Ltd.
Thorngrove Barns, Middlezoy
England, TA7 0PD