Monday, January 25, 2010

MTC Tire shop

Its been a year and a half i haven't sent my ride to the tire shop do a check up on the chamber and alignment.

its seem its time to sent it to the tire shop for a check up. So i went to this tire shop at MTC next to Makro jaya,jerudong,cause viozdevil and some of my friends want me to have a try there at MTC.

well The result on my ride after the adjustment of the chamber and alignment was pretty much great now,and yeah will go get a new tires soon once i got the cash,if i wanna have a good grip and better handling on the road.

Anyway do have Your chamber,alignment and tires check at MTC tire shop when you have the time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


First of all what the heck is A.D.D? its a Advance Defensive Driving Course,i was thinking, is it worth it? well i do.

" The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake driving duties in a safe, courteous and responsible manner. "

  • Understand the risks associated with day to day driving and that road safety is a key issue for companies and individuals,
  • Explain the current trend in motor vehicle accident statistics within Brunei over the past 5 years,
  • List the primary principles of journey management,
  • Identify “Fitness to Drive” factors such as fatigue, drugs and alcohol, medication etc,
    Identify common causes of vehicle crashes and the driving errors that contribute to them,
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of Brunei road traffic regulations and highway signs,
    List the principal elements related to a correct driving position. (arms, head, support, vision etc.)
  • Practically demonstrate pre-journey driving checks,
  • State the correct use and limitations, of safety equipment within a car e.g. Seat Belts, Airbags, ABS, IVMS, etc,
  • Understand safe stopping distances for a vehicle under different conditions,
  • Identify adverse conditions affecting the control of the vehicle and list the actions to compensate,
  • Understand what to do for self, passengers and third parties in the event of an accident,
  • Demonstrate the ability to drive using a recognised “System of Vehicle Control”, comply with the Brunei Road Traffic Code and apply suitable Defensive Driving Techniques

Its was really early, and i mean really really early,i have to wake up at bla bla just to eat breakfast. Then you have to register at the counter around 7 am. right now my eyes are like Koala bear that haven't slept in 4 years

for more info on this A.D.D you can visit their website at

Monday, January 11, 2010

Drift Event in Miri

There was this drift event in miri,so i decided to check it my self. At first it was raining on my way to KB. how the heck am i gonna take some picture? So when i arrived at the go kart track ,the rain just stop.

So the drift event was next to the track area. Everyone was breif by AH FAI the drift sensei, he was really good ! . The people who attend the event was from Brunei Drift and Wangan drift.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Like It : File: No. 002

Today i went out to see my old friend,when i was there i saw this Subaru, it really look nasty so i ask my friend whose the lucky owner? he told me it was his Cousin.
so from the look of this Subaru Wagon, is quite impressive,a wide body on a wagon,which is rarely people do this to a wagon, or there is more like this that i haven't yet seen. well To this owner of this wagon i like it! 50 thumbs up !

Oh yeah i almost forgot, My friend told me this Subaru Impreza wagon is for sale
Price is $16k
For more info on this ride dial up this number
+6738621334 G Ham/Papi

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dyno day

Today viozdevil and fiesta ST Wanted to know are their up grade increase HP on their rides? Well we have to find out on the dyno .

So first was Viozdevil ride on dyno roller. Viozdevil up grade is only changing the stock header. into a 4-2-1 racing header. viozdevil was only expecting 101hp out of it, but he was wrong, it went up to 113hp. How cool is that.

Next was Fiesta ST Turn to go on the roller, his up grade on his ride was a HKS Reloaded Air intake custom made by ShH Pro shop. On the catalog Fiesta ST Produce 148 HP,I Dunno which one is rite, its up to dyno to give him the answer. After 3 run the result was 157 HP!

So that was it. Their ride actually did very well on the dyno. Good result, Nicely done guys, so what is next on modding list?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Touge battle

it was a sunny day,a perfect day for a touge. So we went up to fill up the gas and check for tires pressure.

A quick briefing with the guys, how to make instant noodles while driving.

Short break after a touge run,few photoshoot by subjero,and a car check up.

Finally,like always pit stop at some restaurant for a nice hot cucur udang and a glass of pepsi twist on the rock,but that time they were out udang isk isk isk

*cucur udang : a yummy kinda food