Friday, July 29, 2011

The Meet Up

i was washing my ride to get it ready for the Group meet up at Jerudong Park food stall with mr Sam.i was too excited that my exciting feeling only last for couple of minute,cause i left my camera with the battery is dead at mr sam ride, so mr sam decide to lent me his camera and he let me do the photoshoot. There were a couple of ride from Brunei ES Team , BST ,BSP and some other cool ride as well attending the meet up.

when they start to rev it up The Sound of Three R35 going passing thru the tunnel does seem pretty much Nasty cause my ride nearly had a massive heart attack

The Brunei ES Team

The Godzilla's

Brunei Compact Tuners Crews

At the End everyone was exhausted due to the very hot sunny day ,so we decided that we gonna end up everything at the Stadium But for us we stop by some food court had a bucket of ice heaven and earth green tea and ice milo.

Please Insert Token to play this Machine.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Borneo Tuner: Photoshoot In Brunei

It was Kinda cool meeting up with Borneo Tuner and have Breakfast with them. I Realise their ride wasn't an ordinary ride, it was a Subaru forester and its sounded really nasty.

One of Borneo Tuner Magazine

If you Want to purchase a copy of Borneo Tuner magazine
you can call them up at

+6738835843 or +6738970000

or go to their

Borneo Tuner Office Location :

Block A, Unit 6, 1st Floor,
Kg Batu Bersurat, Jln Gadong.

Plus You can Also Like their Fan Page at FaceBook

Borneo Tuner

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun Journey: Miri Part 3

Next journey we went around piasau road in a heavy rain looking for something that might be interesting,we did manage to find some cool aftermarket parts and also did took a picture of their awesome ride as well.

Gotta Love this Ride! Is it a kenari or what? Anyway i like it!

after surveying at piasau road we went back to the workshop and see how its going with the car,there were some few interesting car during our time there.

Hifonic Shop

Before we went home we have to make a pit stop at this new
fueling station which have Mc donald on the side of it, yes again
at Mc donald ,we are totally addicted to burgers.
whoever thought of this making Mcdonald next to
the fueling station was totally a great idea.