Thursday, April 30, 2009

Improve your braking

Most tuners are more concentrated on Power and sometime handling and braking is left out, with all those power, a better suspension is needed to control the car so that it is safer especially at corners where the tyre and suspension work harmoniously to produce more grip.

And also stopping power, which is also important especially during emergency braking, slowing the car down to enter the corner, the faster u can slow down the car, the later u brake more time saved, advantage etc especially on track hehe
What i realis is that the braking system on a stock car is not enough, they tend to fade during hard braking, because of the gas and the pad glazing. 
Heres some step to improve braking:
Stainless Steel Brake line will improve the feel of the pedal as the hose wont expand like normal rubber hose even under extreme condition. 
Price around B$250-300
Can be ordered from most performance shop and availale in many brands.
The next step would be upgrading the brake pad which can handle higher heat range thus reduce brake fade.
Price range $200-400 depending on the type and brand of brake pads:

Next would be the Brake Rotors to help remove the gases and clean the brake pads this reduce brake fade.
Or go for a complete upgrade which i think is cheaper:
Price range $2000

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Greddy Emanage Blue $550!!!

GReddy’s e-Manage is a cost effective programmable engine management system that allows you to properly tune your factory engine control without having to change the entire factory ECU system to an expensive "stand-alone" unit or the inconvenience of sending it out for a full ECU reprogram. The e-Manage system is a true universal "piggy-back" type unit that taps into most Japanese factory ECU wiring, by utilizing the vehicle’s existing sensors (or optional upgraded sensors if factory sensors are maxed out). The major benefit is the factory ECU settings become your "Base-MAP" for tuning. There is no need for extensive tuning for normal driving conditions, but does allow the tuner to fine tune, adjust for injector changes, and add new MAP(s) for situations the factory ECU is not capable of (like on-boost conditions). And as technological breakthroughs are achieved, we offer FREE updates via our website’s Tech page. Basic functions will allow the tuner to slightly alter factory injector duty-cycle (± 20% at 5 preset RPM points) by intercepting and altering airflow or MAP sensor signals. An option for Honda VTEC cars will allow you to even adjust the VTEC shift point. Additional features are built into the system but are only accessible through the use of the e0-1, PRofec e-01 programmer or our PC-Windows based "e-Manage Support Tool" communication software (sold separately). There is a 16x16 airflow adjustment map, a maximum 50% larger main injector correction adjustment, upgrade air flow meter adjustment, boost limiter cut, anti-engine stall, VTEC-fuel adjustment, real-time map trace, real-time display, real-time communication and basic Data-logging. With the use of our "Optional Injector Harness" and the software, the unit has the ability to control an additional 16x16 injector duty cycle map and the controls for adding up to 2 additional sub-injectors. If the "Optional Ignition Harness" and the software are used the unit has the ability to control a 16x16 ignition timing map. All of the above maps can also be map-traced in real-time as well. If the factory range of map or airflow meter is surpassed, you can incorporate a larger airflow meter or our "Optional GReddy Pressure Sensor and Pressure Harness" to set larger scales of adjustment. All installation and tuning should only be made by a trained technician with proper air/fuel monitoring tools. (Some or all functions may not be compatible with some applications.)

on behalf...
Selling New Greddy Emanage BLUE. New in box still. 550BND. Can arrange for installation as well. 

5 units in total. 2 sold, 1 booked and 2 left.

Please contact 8140826, thanks.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Quad Charger: Twin Turbo + Twin Supercharger

You may have heard of Dual Charger which is turbo and super charging and engine now Power Enterprise made a Quad Charger for the GTR R35

Nissan R35GTR, VR38DETT, Power Enterprise QUAD-charger system (Stock IHI Twin turbo & Twin Rotrex C30-94 Super Charger: 400ps x2 flow rate, at down stream of intake) as displayed at 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon. The system is designed for 700HP (670+WHP) with huge low to mid-range torque gain benefiting road course and time attack racers. This kit includes, Titanium Exhaust System - highest grade titanium avalible for automotive market (main pipe 89mm and dual-twin 70mm outlet), reinforced hose & T-bolt kit, and P-MAP (Newly developed piggy-back/Sub-ECU) pre-programmed and programable to re-calibrate fuel (Air Flow less "D-Jetronics" w/ self learning), IG timing, boost, speed & rev limiter, Additional injectors, Launch control, nitrious and more. The QUAD-charger kit will be tested and tuned to perfection at several of race courses prior to the anticipated release date of April to May 2009. Dyno sheets based upon several courses will be provided for tuners base mapping.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

OWS Racing Oil Promotion

Hi everyone,

We are giving a special promotion for OWS racing oil series. For Every purchase of 1 can (4 Liter) either N/A racing or Turbo Racing oil. We are including the 3 in 1 additives.

These racing oils are fully synthetic and have been tested in various racing competition. The viscosity rating has been kept secret by OWS, as this is their trademark oil. 

Price for the N/a uber racing or Turbo uber racing is $120 per can.

OWS Power for DRIFTER Jansen Tan

OWS is happy to be part of the success of Jansen Tan (Singapore) in the Malaysian D1 Grandprix series. Jansen and his trusty Nissan S13 is currently lying in 4th position after 2 grueling rounds and has been praised by the Japanese judges with “Great Technique!”

Jansen’s car is running on OWS Uber Power Iridium Spark plugs, Uber Power Racing Turbo oils and he uses all the additives to service his car. 

über Power Engine Oils Tested In MME 2008

The OWS range of engine oils were put through the ultimate test when two cars using OWS engine oils were entered in this year’s 12-hour Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race at Sepang in Malaysia.

The Honda Civic entered by Team N1 Racing driven by BVO finished sixth in its class while the second OWS sponsored car run by Team Choon’s Motorworks finished eighth. Both cars ran continuously on regular OWS’s über Power Racing engine oils and had absolutely no engine trouble throughout the whole 12 hours, testament to the oil’s ability to provide maximum performance while providing engine protection under the most extreme conditions.

OWS über power Racing oil comes in two versions: über Power NA Racing engine oil is specially designed for all normally-aspirated engines, while über Power Turbo Racing engine oil is designed for use in high performance, turbocharged car engines. The unique properties engineered into this German Racing oil include providing the heat and wear protection, and smoothness and quietness associated with thicker oils, whilst giving the light, low-friction engine response and lower fuel consumption associated with thin oils.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Qlap Custom Bike Show

Hyper Festival Japan

This past weekend the TRUST R&D guys had a little fun themselves at the 2009 Hyper Festival at the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan. The Hyper Festival is a event geared around popular Japanese models for tuning. Some of the most popular at this event were the Mitsubishi Evolution, Subaru Impreza, and the Suzuki Swift.
In Japan, the Suzuki Swift has a growing cult-like following (something like the Scion movement in California) The economical price and small size make them an ideal tuning choice for many entry level, grass-root racers. One of leaders in this market is TRUST, having developed many aftermarket products for this popular JDM model, including a bolt-on supercharger kit, suspension, brakes and various other tuner parts.

One of the mini event for the Hyper Festival was a 3 lap all Suzuki Swift race. With Japanese Super GT driver Takeshi Tsuchiya at the wheel the yellow GReddy Super Swift, the team posted the fastest Swift time in practice and the race (1'08"754.) But, because of the lottery style qualifying order, the GReddy Super Swift started from 13th out of 15. But by the end of the 3 lap race, the car had passed its way all the way up to a 4th place finish. Pretty good for just a fun day at the track...

We wonder if Suzuki USA will bring this fun little car to the American market?