Sunday, March 28, 2010

Top Fuel lil Monster

Top Fuel has done it again,they have proved a small hatch car can go fast on track, this time they have made a new little monster which can make some big boys car pee in the back of their trunk. Top Fuel new project is the Swift Sport with a 305.5 ps . Yes a 305.5 ps sling shot.

In Fuji speed lap is where most top tuner bring their time attack machine for a time lap. So Top Fuel decided bring their swift.

The result:

Cockpit Tatebayashi skyline ECR33 - 1'55'657
Original Runduce Impreza STI GRB - 1'57'647
FAM SPEED RX7 FD3S - 1'57'890
Aspiration EVO X - 2'00'275
Top Fuel swift -1'57'595

And the list goes on.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Advan RG-D

Check this out, its the new Advan RG Wheels . Its still the same as the previous Advan RG II pattern . Except for this one they spice it up a lil bit and gave it a deep dish kinda looks and they Call it the RG-D. The RG-D name sound kinda cool too if you say it fast. RGD.. Soo good..

anyway the factory only makes sizes for 17 , 18 and 19 inch .

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i like : File 003 Knight Rider

I have return! , its been like a decade i haven't post up anything here due to my missing keypad , anyway enough with the yapping and lets go on with the show.

What we have here is which i haven't got a clue what is it. Danny told me " thats the car from knight rider show " kit " .

" well i dunno dan.. The driver doesn't look like the bay watch dude to me "

While danny was buying his usual turkish kebab, danny saw the owner buying the kebab too,so danny ask permission from the owner to take some pictures of his ride.

The owner said its a 5.7 V8 muscle car,the rest danny haven't got a clue what the japs owner is saying.

Friday, March 12, 2010

wheels for sale ( SOLD! )

Mr beh is selling his 18 inch wheels wrap with 215/35/18 tires , 4 holes with PCD 100/114.3 . Mr beh told me there are Some minor scratch and tyres are in good condition . If you are interested price is $800

Call him up at : 8148216