Sunday, August 30, 2009

Seat Belt Use Em!

Seat Belt is important everyone,so use them for your own safety.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

BCT Sungkai

Zage 1NZ-FE Oil Pan $130

Just recieved the price from Sen Yeong, for those whos planning to install a turbo on their 1NZ-FE this will be a good alternative rather than drilling a hole in the block or drilling the original oil pan for the turbo oil line.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

To All

To all

Mendermalah ke Tabung Anak-Anak Yatim Kebangsaan Dengan Menaip YATIM 20/15/10/5/1 untuk menderma $20, $15, $10, $5 atau $1 dan Hantar kan 38111

From DST Care.

Zage Turbo Manifold

Focus/Mazda 3/Mazda 6

Civic D15-16 Wastegate type


Civic D15-16


Zage Turbo Kit

Honda Jazz/Fit

Yaris/Vios 1NZ-FE

Suzuki Swift 1.3, 1.5 [zc31S/MK6]

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Back for more reviews on BDMOTORSPORTS.
Today lets check out the Drive Train for MK6 Suzuki swift/Ignis Sport

DRIVE TRAIN for MK6 Suzuki Swift/ Ignis Sports

First on the list:

MK6 Clutch - Copper Single Disc & Pressure Plate

This CUSCO clutch plate contains more copper material instead of your typical lead used on your OEM clutch. This new technology is the latest development from Cusco.

It gives you the user:-
1] Balance Smooth Operation and competitive high capacity
2] Can handle 400 HP easily
3] Good upgrade for those who have heavy duty gearbox
4] Provides excellent release and sharp clear transition

Cost AUS$450


MK6 RRP Lighten Flywheel


This piece of metal chuck is lighter than your OEM flywheel. This baby weights only 6kg compare to your OEM flywheel 7.3kg. You might say that what the difference between 1kg less?
Let me break it down to you:
This baby is suitable for street and motor sport application, It is CNC machined.
Perfectly balance without sacrificing the low inertia balance.
In OTHER WORDS will Provide low-speed engine torque i.e improved engine response.

This baby doesn't not give you the user HORSEPOWER. Most people are mistaken that lighten flywheel give them Horsepower, I'm sorry to burst your bubble but they don't. It just make your car more responsive and better acceleration.

Cost AUS$550

There is also another super light weight flywheel which only weight at 3.9kg. I would definitely go with this baby even though is a bit expensive but it will make your car accelerate even faster.

Cost AUS$695

Third on the list:



This CUSCO LSD can be adjusted 1way or 1.5way, each setting will provide different style of handling characteristic give you the user real flexibility of driving style.
This LSD is a low initial torque type using RS springs. It has a ramp angle of 35 degree.

It gives you the user:
1] smoother than those using cone plate
2] extra grip for period of quick accleration
3] increase cornering ability

Able to be rebuilt bu CUSCO Japan.

Cost AUS$1600

Till then, to be continue...