Monday, November 29, 2010

BCT Clothes

So here you go BCT Member. It just a simple looks not much on the design,well More info on this Clothes at my FB

Saturday, November 27, 2010


After a long wait finally its already here,have to rush home just to play the game, i must say the game was too awesome! i like the intro where they show the factory and stuff bla bla i should stop writing and posting for the time being because i will be busy playing my GT5..have a nice day and drive safe.


New member
not much photo i took since this morning
was pretty much roasted.
welcome welcome welcome

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Going for a Check up

damn, i was saving money to buy GT5 game,but my spark plug was too beautiful to be true

Jun said i needed to change it right away or i'll be using a bus from now on

Engine Compression check, just to make sure my engine is still in mint condition.

checking for leaks and yeah there were here and there , but got it all fixed.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here The BMW that i took the picture the other day you can check the previous post, Owner decide to take it for a Dyno Test. after a few run the owner bring me for a ride and man oh mannnnnn with the HKS SQV BOV sound during every shifting, the power enterprise as its Boost controller it was just totally freakin awesome!

Monday, November 22, 2010

This is Huge!

guess what is inside the box before you scroll down.

is it?

A> Durian
B> I - Pun
D> All the above

well its huge..

really Huge!

On going Project.: DC5

Its been a quite busy weekend, so busy that i forgot to have my shower,i felt sorry for my cats.. no wonder my cats tried as best as they could to run away from me. anyway another on going project that belong to Itchiro ,can't wait for the final touch.

Friday, November 19, 2010

On going Project.

Whenever we hang out eating sireh and pinang ,We always think what if by adding a turbo to a swift sport what will happen ? would it go faster than my grandpa bicycle.. the answer will by next year folk, will update some few parts and stay tune.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tomei Knockoff fuel regulator

Saw this on Tomei website that some guy/shop selling Fake Tomei Fuel Regulator to innocent customer that doesn't know nothing.. and guess what happen? the engine blew and the customer died in a tragic way... no i am just kidding. what happen is the Gauge gave a different reading when adjusting fuel, so what does this lead to???? a blown engine because not enough of fuel supply. so does the seller gonna pay for your blown engine??? no freaking way. so buy the original one, rather than spending a ton of money repairing your blown engine.

" These fake regulators are poor in quality as they have leak. This is dangerous as you know. Problems caused are engine failure and/or fire! Don’t risk your car, investment and life with these fake items. The problem is these look very close to the real ones so here is how you can tell the fake one from the real one."

TOMEI on the left | | Fake copy on the right
The Logo is different
The color is different, a bit darker.
The finish quality of the surface is different, not as smooth.

TOMEI on the left | | Fake copy on the right
The Tomei Regulator has its own unique serial number on the back
The fake one on the right doesn’t
The mounting bracket is noticeably different too (screw holes, color and more).

TOMEI on the left | | Fake copy on the right
The original TOMEI box is white on the inside
The fake one on the right has a brown cardbox look to it (there has been some fake ones with white on the inside as well).

TOMEI on the left | | Fake copy on the right
The printing on the fake one is darker in color and not clear
There are some hint of yellow in some parts of the box where is should be white
The blue bar at the bottom is different, fake one is higher and darker

This photo shows what the fake copied items package comes with.
The only one of each fitting and nipple (sometimes non are included or color is off)
The fittings don’t come with the sealing tape either.
The paper that was used to print the manual on is different
Stickers are not included, sometimes they are but of such poor quality.
No Cardboard base
The plastic bag that the Regulator is packed in has the logo printed poorly or on an angle etc.
Our original does not have a Tomei logo on it.

This photo shows what the TOMEI original package comes with.
2x AN6 1/8NPT fittings with sealing tape
2x #8 1/8NPT nipple fittings with sealing tape
1x Users Manual
2x Tomei “The Engine Specialist” Stickers
1x Cardboard base

If you have found any of these on the market or in a shop, please let us know by contacting Tomei Powered here.

Beh New Ride

Hello everybody and selamat hari raya aidil adha to all muslimin and muslimat readers readers,new update on mr Beh new ride, its a satria with an engine conversion, mr beh let me for a test drive and it was a wicked ride, although it still needs a few more mods and good tune, i'll bet it would be an extreme ride.

Monday, November 15, 2010


" So for those road users out there...this might happen to you if lack of make a good choice and practices to keep maintains and balancing of your tires for your own good and for long terms used..stay safe..."

- Itchiro

Can or No can?

here is me and itchiro betting that i can put all the bodykit into a car, well in the end it does fit but it kinda dangerous with that heavy loads, kids please do not try to attend my stupid stunt here.