Friday, October 30, 2009

HKS EK4 Turbo

This EK4 Produce 208 PS and Boost 0.3 kgf/㎠ / 20.2kgm (202.7Nm)/5700rpm

Mini F con Plus is different from the old mini f con, which the old one can only control Air/Fuel,but this new Mini F con Plus has a ignition timing. But If you are hardcore racer and wanna get more Power from Your Engine,better go with Standalone ECU.

More on this topic at BCT forum: Performance Section

Majlis Makan Doa Selamat


Dear all BCT Members,

On behalf of Mr. Fauzi A.K.A

for Hajj pilgrimage

Water / Methanol Injection kit

AEM Water/Methanol Injection
Kits reduce air inlet
temperatures which allows users
to increase boost pressure (and
advance timing on forced
induction gas applications) to
create more power by utilizing
the cooling effects of the
system under heavy load. The kit
is offered in 2 configurations:
a 1-Gallon kit for racecar
applications, and a 5- Gallon HD
kit for Diesel applications or
racecars requiring extended
range. Both kits include all the
elements necessary to do
water/methanol injection right,
including a standard fluid level
sensor for the tank,
recirculation-style pump,
feature-loaded controller, and
complete hardware for
installation on practically any
diesel or gas application. For
users who intend to use a custom
or existing reservoir, AEM also
offers a “tankless” pump and jet
kit. There are no hidden costs
or additional components


Once the AEM Water/Methanol Kit is installed, a boost-dependent, variable-flow progressive controller allows the user to determine the amount of water/methanol mixture (up to 50%) to feed into the inlet stream from the fluid reservoir. The controller commands a high-pressure, recirculation-style 150-PSI pump that delivers the mixture. Overall flow adjustments at the inlet are made via one of three different-sized jets (included) that are designed to match most engine power requirements.


AEM's recirculation-style pump offers improved performance, reliability and a much smoother, quieter operation when compared to older switched-style pumps. With the use of a new internal bypass design, AEM's upgraded pump eliminates erratic on and off switching/pulsing and ensures consistent fluid delivery for optimum performance. With durability and reliability in mind, AEM has designed the pump with a Santoprene diaphragm and EPDM seals to withstand the harshest of alcohol mixes.


All AEM Water/Methanol controllers include a Boost Safe feature. This feature allows users to retard timing or reduce boost via a ground output if the system runs out of fluid or detects a controller error, ensuring fail-safe operation of the engine whether the system is engaged or not. Critical safety features are integrated into the system to virtually eliminate any chance of failure, including an integral fluid level sensor in the reservoir, internal controller diagnostics and an LED dash light to warn of low fluid level or error codes (including short circuits.

  • Universal kit includes everything you need for installation
  • Boost Safe” feature lets you retard the timing or reduce boost via a low side output if the system runs out of fluid or detects a system error
  • Recirculation-Style, controller-driven 150-PSI pump provides boost-dependent variable flow
  • One- and five-gallon tanks with integral fluid level sensors available
  • LED dash light included for system status and low fluid warning
  • Methanol compatible (up to 50% in solution with water)
  • Includes two different-sized jets to match your power requirement

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Need Help

Guys and Gals here some info from BZOCA that one of their member rides is stolen. BZOCA:
Good morning to all. One of BZOCA's members ride has been stolen last Sunday. Last seen at Hayashi Motorsports in Gadong. Any help from other clubs would be appreciated. Thank you. Here are the details: Vehicle: Supra MA70 License plate no: BP830 Description: Dark Blue in Colour with gun metal work emotion XD9 rims.

Another Stolen Car From BSC BlogSpot

via SMS, " stolen car reported, Subaru Impreza 1998, silver colour, fully bodykit, RAYS Eng. Volks Racing TE37 bronze rims, plate Number KF8299, eng#EJ16-064518, chasis#JF1GC3KG910G027446. if seen, pls inform RBPF asap,
from Haeqal@CasperWRX (westreetuner crew)"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Its white and its look totally normal.. a bit.

The Owner did a Dyno Test Before at Shh Pro Shop, what suprise me is that,this engine is already like hmmm its hard to describe,Old??ancient? anyway the main things is the1.3 GTI engine produce 101.2Hp with a few mods like racing 4-1 Manifold,K&N air intake and Exhaust,and its still going fast and insane hahaha,Nicely done!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

H Performance shop

Exhaust system for K3VE
SuperStreet Cat-back Exhaust System for Perodua Myvi 1.3/K3VE/QNC10 is also made of grade 304 stainless steel. This piece of
marvel is specially designed to match with the SuperStreet Myvi extractor. Everything is just bolt-on and you are ready
to feel the extra smooth power from the engine.

SuperStreet 4-2-1 extractor for Perodua Myvi 1.3/K3VE is made of SUS 304 grade stainless steel. It provides smoother exhaust
flow and retaining the nice torque and power band. This extractor is designed to be directly bolt-on to the original mounting
and specially tuned to be used with the original stock catalytic converter and exhaust of Perodua Myvi 1.3 / K3VE / QNC10

The whole SuperStreet bolt-on exhaust system (extractor & cat-back kit) is proved to have squeezed out extra
9.2 hp on wheels!! Or in other words, 14% increase in horse power over the stock exhaust which has only 65.4hp on wheels!


No. 30, Jalan PJS 11/16,
Sunway Technology Park, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Subang Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 03 5637 2855
Fax: +6 03 5631 2885

No. 20, Jalan Jasa Merdeka 2,
Taman Datuk Tamby Chik Karim,
Batu Berendam, 75350 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 06 317 2098
Fax: +6 03 317 2026

Saturday, October 24, 2009

GT Auto Promotions on Haltechs

Latest! 2009: Haltech Engine Management Promotions! (While stock lasts)

1. E6X ECU and main connector only - Retail for RM 3160.00
2. Platinum Sport 1000 and main connector only - Retail for RM 4180.00
3. Platinum Sport 2000 and main connector only - Retail for RM 5460.00
4. Platinum Sprint 500 kit - Retail for RM 2999.00 (Promotional price - while stock last!)
5. Platinum Sprint 500 kit include install / tune - Starting from RM 3600 onwards (depending on cars)
6. E6X ECU with internal map and patch harness for EVO1-3 only - Retail for RM 3960.00 (install / tune starting from RM 600 onwards)
7. Platinum Sport 1000 with internal map ans patch harness to EVO 1-3 only - Retail for RM 5100.00 (install/tune starting from RM 800 onwards)

Get your Haltechs installed and tuned by GT Auto. Why? because not only we the authorized Master dealer in Malaysia but has also proven ourselves through the motorsports industry.

Dealers of GT Auto for Haltechs:

- Annuar Subang (AMS) : 012.3161800
- Kamal (Pulse Development) : 019.2213403
- Atan (R4 Motorsports) : 012.2828451
- Yujin : 012.2825840

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to do Burnouts for dummies

Well I'm back folks, it's about time I post something here on the blogspot. Today I would like to shed some useful tips for those who likes to do burnouts.
But as a precaution please consider this useful tips as a warning:

1] Always wear a seat belt not just for safety but for acceleration
2] Give option to passenger to get out when you try to attempt this stunt
3] Only do burnouts on a drag strip or on a control environment such as tracks
3] Burnouts are Illegal in some countries and it may cause you to loose your driving license
4] Accident may happen
5] Do this at your own risk!

Enough with the precaution and warnings. Lets us go to the fun part.

First thing first, what are burnout?

Burnouts are where the wheels spin often causing thick smoke but the car doesn't move until the driver ''dumps'' or ''pops'' the car into motion. Burnouts are also known as wheels spin, brake burns, roll-backs and so forth depending on the technique.
Burnouts produces massive smoke screen and the smell of burnt rubber which are awful and may be harmful to the ecosystem. Another agenda that will make the green peace sleepless.

So what are the uses of burnouts? Ain't it useless or so?

Burnouts are first introduce during a drag session. It's not useless since drag cars need traction and what better ways do to it, burn rubber of course. Drag tires needed to be heated to a certain temperature for it to have max traction. Burnouts also helps to clean the tires from small pebbles.

Okay now here's the tip that you are waiting for:

Obviously you need a vehicle to do a burnout, a car either FWD or RWD even 4WD.
Firstly check your hand brake or E brake is functioning well.

Here's for Front wheel drive vehicle manual transmission (FWD):-

1] Put the car in first gear
2] Hold the clutch in i.e press the clutch
3] Rev the engine but not to stay at the high rpm. 4000-5500 rpm is nice.
4] Pull on the E brake, alternatively you can skip this if you are a pro
5] Dump the clutch i.e release the clutch at the same time keep the rpm on constant
6] You can play the E brake to control the burnout
7] To stop you just ease of the accelerator and free the brakes and shift to neutral

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Toyota Vios T3T4 TurboCharger Turbo Kit

Brand new “Street Demon” Series turbo package for your vehicle. The most complete turbo package available for the price. This package has all new quality parts that are capable of producing well beyond 485 horsepower at 25+ PSI with supporting modifications and a built motor. This is the most complete package available compared to others at an affordable price. On a stock motor the kit will create give the motor a 50-100 horsepower gain on a low boost setting of 8 PSI. Also, the included electronic turbo timer provides a hassle-free operation of precisely calculating the cool down period to ensure a proper cool down for your turbocharged motor. Works with either automatic or manual gearboxes. This kit may allow you to keep your air conditioning and power steering for a great street setup.

(1) Hybrid Turbo Charger:
-57 compressor wheel trim mapped for low and high boost setups
-Oil fitting gaskets & mounting studs included
-Capable of producing over 450 horsepower
-Wet float bearings & properly balanced
-3" inlet diameter with a 2" outlet
-50 A/R compressor housing
-63 A/R turbine housing
-1/8 NPT oil inlet
-T3/T4 hybrid

(1) Front Mount Intercooler:
-Large design cools down the turbocharged air efficiently
-Strong TIG welds will support high PSI levels
-Lightweight aluminum racing intercooler
-Extra thick core provides ample cooling
-2.5" cold outlet & 2.5" hot inlet
-Less then 2% pressure drop

(1) Universal Intercooler Piping Kit:
-Lightweight yet strong aluminum piping
-May necessitate light modification to fit
-(16) stainless steel worm gear clamps
-(2) 2.5” 90 degree silicone couplers
-(6) 2.5” straight silicone couplers
-(2) 90 degree 2.5” bends
-(2) 60 degree 2.5” bends
-(2) 45 degree 2.5” bends
-(2) straight 2.5” pipes

(1) Boost Controller:
-Can be setup to adjust boost PSI on the fly
-Can be adjusted for any PSI level desired
-Control your boost with a precise click
-Includes complete install kit
-Anodized aluminum finish
-CNC machined design

(1) Slim Cooling Fan:
-Fan can be used to cool: A/C condenser, oil or transmission cooler, mounting on an intercooler to prevent heat soak, or cooling a a2w radiator

-Slim design provides excellent engine bay clearance
-Includes the mounting tabs for a easy zip tie install
-Reversible design can either pull or push air
-Versatility of a push/pull reversible fan
-Superior flow of a curved-blade design
-Creates additional aftermarket cooling
-1.25" thick outside perimeter
-2.50" thick inside perimeter

(1) Electronic Turbo Timer:
-Ensures a proper cool down for your turbocharged car every time
-Includes pigtail wiring and extra wiring for ease of installation
-Important to preventing premature turbo wear and failure
-Mounted inside the vehicle for on the fly adjustments
-Precisely calculates the cool down period for the motor
-Auto mode feature creates a hassle-free operation
-Increases turbocharger's operating lifespan
-Bright Easy to read LED Digital Display
-Failure to reduce the temperature of the turbo could result in "coking" of oil inside the turbo
-Coking is the baking of oil, turning it into a grimy substance

(1) 10 Meters Heat Wrap:
-Heat powers the turbochargers turbine inlet. Keep the heat inside the exhaust pipes
-Heat kills the turbochargers compressor inlet. Keep the heat out of the cold piping.
-Control additional engine bay heat and prevent overheating.
-Keep intercooled air cooled.
-Made of very high temp fiberglass.

(1) Stainless Downpipe:
-2.5" Inlet
-Waterjet cut 5 bolt flange.
-Mandrel bent stainless steel
-Beautiful TIG welds

(1) High Flow Intake Filter:
-Protect the turbo system from debris
-Instant HP adder
--Extreme high flow
3" inlet perfectly matching the turbocharger inlet

(1) High Flow Breather Cap:
-Extreme high flow
-Keeps crankcase ventilation clean for emissions
-Works in conjunction with the catch can to keep inside of turbo piping oil free

(1) Coolant Sensor Bung
-Monitor the water temperature via this sensor relocation
-Easy solution to run aftermarket coolant sensor
-Provides more precise readings then the stock location
-Features 2 installation clamps for an easy add on
-38mm ends fits most OEM coolant hoses
-Strong Aluminum construction

(1) Non-divided T3 Flange
-Water jet cut for precision flow
-Mild steel for easy welding to an adapter pipe or direct to stock manifold

Price - US $3999.00

Other item info
Item number: 270461031997
Item location: eworld, United States
Ships to: N. and S. America, Europe, Asia, Australia
Payments: PayPal

source taken from

Top Secret Vitz

Monday, October 19, 2009

Modified Honda Jazz Vtec with Turbo Intercooler

A modified Honda Jazz Vtec with Turbo in black color.

- Front Mount Intercooler running on CT9 turbine (9psi of boost)

- Greddy Blow off Valve types S

- Pivot boost gause

- HKS turbo timer

- Apexi Vafc

- Apexi N1 muffler

- Tanabe lowering springs

- 15″ inch Rota JSPL rims

- Spoon carbon fiber wing

BCT old times,old memories

Enjoy the pics..

Friday, October 16, 2009

The K12 Marrch

A project car from Crazy Motor works japan,and yes its a K12 or at our place we call it the nissan March. This shop has a lot of Aftermarket parts for the K12 from suspension,Struts,short shift,Racing header and many more.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zerone Crank Pulley for 1NZ-FE


Tap into hidden horsepower with the ZERONE Lightened Aluminium Crank Pulley. It underdrives your accessories by 23%. This, in turn, decreases the drag on the engine, unleashing power that you never knew you had. And since it is lighter than OEM crank pulley, your engine will benefit from the weight reduction of rotating mass; resulting in a more responsive engine. ZERONE Lightened Aluminium Crank Pulleys come in gold anodized finish.

This ZERONE Lightened Aluminium Crank Pulley - Toyota Vios (1NZ-FE) part or ZERONE Lightened Aluminium Crank Pulley - Toyota Vios (1NZ-FE) accessory is about 1500 gram.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Toyota Vitz/echo Parts

Here is the Intro Bout Toyota Vitz which is in Brunei we call it The Toyota Echo, engine is a puny 1.0 Litre, But in Japan The Toyota Vitz Has Different Engine there is the puny 1.0 Litre SCP10, the 1.3 NCP15 ,the 1.5 NCP13 which is by the way has the similiar engine with The 1st and 2nd gen Toyota Vios,and others engine i don't remember Seket seket boleh lah.

Anyway enough with That so Let us Start with the Toyota Echo/Vitz Performance parts.

N/A Racing Manifold For SCP10

Bolt On Turbo For Toyota Echo/Vitz SCP10
1. HKS Fcon V-Pro
2.TD04 Turbo
3.Turbo Manifold
4. Top Mount Intercooler
5.INtake Manifold
6.Throttle Body

Some other Parts like injectors,Metal Gasket etc
are not included. Kena bali ali ali ish ish...Pengsan.

SCP10 Radiator and Mounting
Radiator doesn't look shiny,but hey whata heck SCP10 aftermarket radiator are hard to find in Brunei Tuner Shop. The Mounting can Be fitted to NCP engines.( Vitz series )

The Picture Above is showing the Normal and The aftermarket Throttle body for SCP10,its also available for The NCP.

Here is an Air Intake for The NCP engine,Notice why the Long red pipes? Cause most of the NCP older version aftermarket air intake they set the air intake up near the Manifold which is near the i think you know the answer why.

so I guess that about it for Toyota Echo/vitz/Vios parts
will Continue on this topic after i have my indo mie.

Mazda 2 Stuff Part 2

Performance Part For the DE-03 series

Exhaust Chamber Kit

Premium Tail Muffler

Stainless Dual Muffler