Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mr Fiesta ST new wheels

He told us that is really hard find a match for his ride,and now after a long survey he finally found one that has 108 pcd and a18x7.5 front and rear that fits his ride.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1430


CRX V-Tec For sale

Iam Selling my Honda Crx. Spec see below;- Honda Crx model 1990 Black colour Engine Swap From d16a to B16a ECU upgrade to uncut Rev Sard Fuel Regulator 4 ways Nology Cable with Ngk R Spark plug Original Hks Mushroom Filter with Customate Carbon fibre Pipe Piping 2.5" from front, End fitted with Hks Drag Muffler 3" customize tip new absorber and uncut suspension 15" advanti racing rim Headlight and signal light (halo Projector) Havent seen anyone use signal halo in brunei. Rockford Punch component with Prokick amplifier Interior fill with Auto gauge meter, Vacum and Oil Temp Rsm (Rev Speed Meter) R spec Vtec controller Mugen external coil (Can Rev up to 11,000 RPM) New Drive Shaft Left and Right. Flywheel minus 1 Kilo Air Cond still in good condition Fuel consumption, Not bad. $16 Full tank. Renew roadtax last month, Expired 31 July 2010 Reason for Selling: Want to change taste from Racing ride to smart ride. Selling for 5.5k. For Swapper, Let me know spec of your car. Prefer Audi A3 or BMW 3 Series, Other car will be consider Drop me some email or leave a msg if you guys intrested. +6738891123

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Racun'D for Mr BCT killer

Fast Facts
2009 Subaru Impreza WRX
Jun Auto Mechanic

Saitama, Japan

Daily Grind
Building Fast-Ass Street And Racecars

Under The Hood 2.5L DOHC; GReddy Type RS blow-off valve, Airinx intake, Comfort Sport oval exhaust; JUN Auto prototype intake

Drivetrain Exedy Normal clutch kit

Brains HKS F-CON Vpro; GReddy Profec B Spec-2 boost controller

Stiff Stuff Zeal Super Function coilovers; Cusco front/rear strut bars and lower arm bar

Stoppers JUN 6-pot (front) and 4-pot (rear) calipers

Rollers 19x8.5 ADVAN RS-D wheels; Yokohama ADVAN Neova 245/35R19 tires

Outside ings+1 body kit (inc. front/rear bumper, side skirts and front grille)

Inside Bride Zeta 3 seats; Takata seat harness; Works Bell RADFIX2 hub and quick-release

www (Zeal),,,,, (ADVAN wheels), (Bride), (Takata),

More info on

Jun Stroker kit EJ20 for shark

JUN Stroker Kit 2.2L Subaru WRX EJ20
Model: 1029M-F001 List: $5,703.99

JUN Stroker Kit 2.2L Subaru WRX EJ20
The JUN Stroker kit includes a long stroke crankshaft, JUN Super Forged aluminum pistons, and JUN Super connecting rods. The JUN Stroker kit provides more power and torque capabilities for your Stroker Assemblies. JUN Stroker kit gives your engine more power with low compression Turbo pistons. Stroker Kits offers the advantage of lightness and high balance rate on your NA engine together with our high compression pistons. Stroker Kits can be used broadly in various fields: circuit driving, drag race, and etc. Stroke Kit Includes:

4 Forged Pistons
4 Piston pins
8 Snap rings

4 Piston rings set
4 I-Beam Connecting rods
1 Crankshaft

Bore: 92.5mm Stroke: 79.0mm Engine Disp.: 2123cc Compression Ratio:8.39:1 *1 (*1 The reference value when using 2.2mm head gasket.)

Cool T shirt

This is the one i like the most hehehehe

D1 T shirts

Road Test: Mugen81

It was 525 early in the morning,one of my eyes were still shut. so i took a shower just to get myself hyper for the test drive.Mugen81 ride is a Old Accord SM4 with a 2 litre engine which is super insane when i tested on the highway,it was like the car doesn't wanna stop to go fast,and that is insane.

ST150 Power Upgrade ST190 PS

# Tried and tested on over 50
# EASY DIY. or Fitted in our workshops within the day
# The Full Monty of Quality Bolt ons PLUS COSWORTH PROFILED CAMSHAFTS
# All the required parts are included in this kit

The highest power DIY bolt on kit available
A complete no compromise solution giving unbelievable power and torque increases.

We again build on the modular theme and add to the very successful Pumaspeed 182PS kit with a pair of Cosworth profile camshafts and a different remap to allow 7400 revs.

For Mail Order we supply -
- A CUSTOM TUNED DS PRO FLASH PROGRAMMER. supplied with 3 tunes 180,190 for camshafts,200 for Cosworth inlets and cams.
- MILLTEK SPORT 4-1 Cosworth specification large bore Manifold (this includes a flexi section)
- A pair of Cosworth Profiled camshafts.

We can now offer the choice of our own 'IN HOUSE' remap as an alternative to the DS unit
The new remapping software at Pumaspeed allows us to select the perfect mapping solution for your ST Fiesta. Save approximately £200 and have the remap fitted for FREE !!

Have this installed in our workshop at an unbelievable £1485 pounds plus the fitting charge listed above.

This Gives the ST the Full power it deserves.

Fiesta RS

Here is the future of Ford's RS performance road cars. The Concept Fiesta RS Turbo or Fiesta RS as it will probably be known. If Ford don't build this car I think it's the end of the road for the RS brand for the immediate future.

The Fiesta RS Concept would take its place above the Fiesta ST a production version of the Fiesta RS Concept could be ready for production in under 2 years. Fiesta RS Concept would be in excess of 180PS , with a target zero-to-60mph figure of around 7 seconds.

So are ford gonna build it ... we hope so .. I love it and am sure you do to!

The Fiesta RS Concept in our opinion looks even hotter than the amazing focus rs which went before ... please, please, please build it! ... more info as we get it!

Below pictures from national day of the Concept RS in the flesh ... it looks amazing!

Hasport Motor mount for H22's conversion

Today I want to review Hasport Motor Mount especially to help our new member Mr beh for his Honda Accord CF4.

So Today's agenda are Motor mount from Hasport.

This is a sample picture of the billet motor mount for H22's conversion.
It comes with your choice of polyurethane insert either:
Street spec [62A] - The softest and most street able of the option
Race spec [70A] - Perfect combo for performance and durability. Good for aggressive street and light track use.
Extreme Race [88A] - Built for hardcore track user.

Will fit 1994-1997 Accord with H22A swap.

This will cost you US$134.10 per mount.

For more info please visit

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monster EG

This is absolutely a wicked honda EG with K20 engine,oh yeah not to forget it has a turbo !
Dunno how much power this baby has,but with K20 engine haiyyaaa,power mehhh!
to see more on this insane ride visit

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For sale

If you are interested Go and Contact Mr wanspeeeeeeeeeeeed.


This is the final review for the Mk6 Suzuki Swift / Ignis Sport

Let start with the head department:


Mk6 RRP Supercharger kit:


This supercharger kit is the ideal system for instant gain in horsepower and torque. R's racing have done a lot of research and have come to conclusion that this supercharger kit provides better durability, reliability, gains per dollar and suitability for the M series engines.

This supercharger has unique compactness, efficiency, low noise compare to other conventional superchargers, using centrifugal system with a belt drive. The max rev is 15,000 boost to the compressor.

Unlike turbo charge system, this supercharger gain horse power and torque in any part of the rev range with is an advantage. Turbo system must be in a certain part of the rev range to achieve boost.
This enables you the user to have high power and high torque at lower rev range right up to the redline thus giving a comfortable ride without boost spike.

With proper installation and tuning, this baby will put 2 liter sedan to shame. It will produce approximately 192 horse power and 21.2 kg of torque at the wheels.

Each supercharge is tailored to the customer meaning you'll get one of a kind supercharger for your swift/ignis sport

Will fit all swift model from Mk1-6

Here some pictures of the supercharge fitted to a MK6 swift:

Front view of the supercharger.

Side view.

Fit just nice and smart. Not too eye catchy. Sleeper look I must say.

This baby will cost you AUS$ 6800


Management System.

GReedy Ultimate Super Swift ECU.


This ECU has been successful to pull out more engine power and torque, 17 ps gain and 1.2k/m torque gain.
This is a compromise between driver comfort, efficiency, engine load and stress has been reach with this ecu.
This ecu have a rev limiter set to 7500 RPM which is sweet.

This ECU will cost you AUS$ 1200 without the harness. Harness will cost you another AUS$200.

That's all for the MK6 Suzuki Swift/ Ignis Sport.
Stay tune for MK3 Suzuki Swift owner more parts will be review.

BCT Car Wash

It all started at Mr subjero place, most of the stuff they use for the car wash event were Meguairs Products. All the product was sponser by Mr Subjero and BCT Killer,so to all BCT members if you want your ride to look super clean,for More info on this Car wash just visit the BCT Forum

Monday, September 7, 2009

Meguairs Grand sale

For all of you want your ride to be sparkling clean,Meguair's at max centre menglait is having an offer,car care product from 15% and 25% for wax and polish.