Wednesday, November 26, 2008

VISauto Drag Monster


Vehicle: 1999 satria gti 4wd

Engine bottom: 4g63 2.2 liter, tomei pistons, stock rods & vis engine balancing

Engine top: vis custom intake manifloid, tomei 260 high cam, stainless stell valves & vis port & polish.

Force induction: t04r

Nitrous oxide: nos wet kit 100hp

Fuel system: main 1000ccx4, extra 1000cc x2, Fuchs racing fuel and octane booster

Ignition system: msd 7al’s

Exhaust: vis custom exhaust system

Engine management: microtech mt8 and unichip v4r & vis inhouse dyno tuning

Engine hp: 517 hp boost 1.6 bar (max2.2bar)

Air intake: vis custom

Custom body works: by vis co aero

Achievement: 4 times champion in a rows with best time 9.92 sec.


Anonymous said...

gerenti sakit kepala ni tyme nukar speed. 5++ hp. Muntah jua banar

wanspeed said...

WAT DA cow!!

kunnyz said...

i wish this monster can preform at miri drag race,that will be awesome!

smokey said...

i wish i got the same mod on my ride hehe. 9 sec 1/4 miles haiyaaa pengsan!

EZG2C said...

wah proton kale tuu??ahhaha...

smokey said...

awu proton liao salute!! campur lagi 517 HP haiya tabik tabik!!!