Sunday, November 16, 2008

Annual gathering meeting

WELCOME!!! to our latest member, WanSpeed hehe Very cool car love the colour


Meeting in progress

BCT, BSC, BZOCA, Blazing Type R and G2C Gathering


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very good......

smokey said...

thank you very much for the kind words gooooooood girl.


smokey said...

welcome to bct wanspeed feel free to take the unlimited teh tarik halia drinks and ruti talur at the counter.

stock cars,audio cars,any car that can be modify,feel free to join our BCT,all are welcome.


s167 said...

bro sory na blaku dtg yestrday..lst minit plan sama pbinian ehe...btw welcome wanspeed X3~

Anonymous said...

Ehe welcome to the club Aziz and Wanspeed. Nice echo by the wan :)


smokey said...

no worries bro S167 next time saja lagi tapi biasa lah ruti talur and teh tarik jgn lupa hehe just kidding haha,,anyway 23rd ani temburung car show,if wanna join give sleeperV or me a text on 21st.

"brunei yakin,buleh bikin maa"