Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TEIN General Manager

Tein GM paid an annual visit to Brunei's authorized TEIN distributor, Sen Yeong. Alan took him for a tour to some of the tuners and accessories shop in Brunei namely Hayashi, Sing Hiap Hin and also Seng Hoe Huat.

He took the manager on a ride on his GTR 32 so that Mr.Tomoika can feel the Brunei road especially on Tein suspension.

Should've brought him to Kampong roads hehe


smokey said...

should have brought him to temburung. So he will know how it feel hehehe. Anyway welcome to Brunei mr general manager of Tein,have fun and don't forget to order ruti talur and heaven and earth green tea.

Wanspeed said...

HAha,iatah sudah tu Mr.Tein. Yes definitely,shud hav used sleeper's vios.Any plans on making Tein ads.
Hav a great stay,he shud meet up wit a few of Brunei's drag tuned cars.esp smokey(haha)

smokey said...

cair hahahahaha

Eziely said...

Haha yeah Mr GM Tein, He should join us at the Temburong car show and participate as one of the model for Tein hehe

Roti plastar for Mr. Tein and Lemon tea Pokka. :)

Cheers and oh i forget any freebies for us promoting your product mr Tein? I can use some Tein on my swift how about that?

D1sturbZ said...

oh GM tein panya tu... kir tauke mna hehe.. i met him on the road with allen n his gtr... angkat tgn pun jd th.. kira bsalm jua tu hehe... good post

jIki said...

gm tein ke brunei? time hope keichi drift king ke brunei melawat lawat hehe.