Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pivot 3 Drive Throttle

Drive-by-wire system are getting popular these days because manufacturers believe that it helps to keep fuel consumption and emission down, but this has resulted in a somewhat laggy throttle response.That problem can be cured easily with Pivot's 3 drive throttle controller, a simple device which allow the user to select the type of throttle response you prefer.

from Sports Mode which gives you a keenly sharp response for speedy driving to a slower than normal response to enable eco-driving even without thinking about it.
3-DRIVE is a next generation throttle controller for both Sports and Eco-driving.

Using Each Mode for Various Types of Driving
Quick Response for SPORTS Mode
Quick accelerator response for circuit and sports driving on mountain roads. After solving delayed response during acceleration.

ECO Mode: World's First Slowed-down Response
Slower accelerator response suited for eco-driving in towns and on highways. Slowing down acceleration response brings better fuel efficiency and a more comfortable ride.

• 3-DRIVE is the only throttle controller designed with ECO Mode.
• ECO Mode increases fuel efficiency over normal conditions by suppressing rapid acceleration; if rapid acceleration is continually carried out results will be nullified.


Wanspeed said...

Control fuel consumption&drive how u want it on any car.Exciting,more a less like cruise control lah,sumthing worth your money to buy.

smokey said...

Di malaysia it cost Rm$880 with install. inda ku tau di brunnei ada or nda sudah bejual.but its good for the Auto transmission and also the manual hehe

SleeperV said...

well its only for new car with drive by wire like the yaris and new vios, rx8, lexus etc cz the throtle response of drive by wire is vary slow