Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pt.2 Temburong Road Trip, Livewire invitation

Our 1st Temburong Breakfast

Thanks to the supporters Brunei Drift, G2C, Wangan and Mr.Carzine himself

The Show

Our OWS model

The Crew

Exhausted after the Show

Thank You to livewire for the certificate and support

Final photoshoot at Tutong before everythin is stock again hehe thanks for everyone support and livewire for the accomodation, great show and inviting us


smokey said...

exhausted,hungry,too much laughing,2 hour of sleep,good place for photo shoot, last of all fun.

Thanks to all that come to support the sme live wire car show,wangan427 & ms 427,brunei drift mr blitz and family,mr carzine and ms carzine,gen2club,tutong cefiro club(hj),temburung people everyone.thank you so very much.

goooooood girl said...

your blog is very good......

Anonymous said...

Zingerhaulic, tired, too much drinking heaven and earth green tea, laughing repeat and had fun.


smokey said...

cheap kfc cheese wedges heaven don't forget hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Most importantly is Ruti Telur plastar, Ruti Kosong and all those lovely and tasty Indian food we craved for during breakfast.

Btw you got serai for the BBQ? Aziz text me about what things to bring/ haven't been bought yet.

Text him up smokey.


ez said...

tau ku tu sapa punya yg ada mata lembu ah..ehheheeh...anyways congrates BCT n all clubs..

smokey said...

hahaha sorry eziley baru ku baca ni and yes we got the sarai oleady no worries hahaha.

Ez biasa lah makanan tradisi bct hehe baik jua nada cucur ruti talur.

"Brunei yakin! Buleh bikin maa!"

Anonymous said...

jadi kan stock balik? Nda payah bro.

smokey said...

ia terpaksa liao, men in blues punya musim masa ani. Payah ia bejalan sana sini hehehe