Saturday, April 14, 2012

PIVOT Mega Raizin Voltage Stabilizer

It’s a simple product that just hooks onto the battery terminals. I’m very happy and satisfied with this product effectiveness and helps in increasing better torque engine’s pulling power.

Do you have proof of a dyno test run on this product?

In my personal opinion, the best dyno is to test this product effectiveness in your own car and feel the difference. Everyone has their own expectations on the improvements and gains after installing an aftermarket device but of course there were also a couple of who felt that the increase in power wasn’t sufficient or had not met their expectations.

How do you know this product really work?

Seriously, those who have tested this device will know that it works and I say this, if you don’t feel the improvement in power from the moment the device is installed, and then you won’t feel it in other coming years. If you do feel the power improvement then you will be able to see and feel the effectiveness in better torque engine's pulling power, and fuel savings. It is up to you to believe or otherwise.

You need to be more very observant about your engine’s performance, before and after fitting this product. I believe there are two categories of drivers who will not be able to feel the difference of this product. Firstly, those who are expecting a huge increases in horsepower and secondly, the one who doesn't monitor of their car’s performance hence they wouldn't know the difference even after installing this product.

What kind of performance and efficiency you can expect from this product?

This product stating no loss in battery life or in performance and possibility giving a 100% performance better; more stable supply of voltage to all electronic devices, giving better gas mileage, and improved throttle response, torque, and audio quality.

At first, you too overjoyed at new extra power to your car engine and your legs start to feel heavier on the gas pedal. After feeling the joy of having better accelerating power and at that moment you realize when you really do not save fuel.

However, once you feel satisfied with the effectiveness of this product and you start get back to your normal driving style, and you start to see its effectiveness in fuel economy.


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Anonymous said...

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