Saturday, April 7, 2012

FireStorm Ignition Coil Booster

FireStorm Ignition Coil Booster
Upgrade the power of your Ignition Coil with this add-on device and feel an immediate power improvement during acceleration.

The 5x stronger spark promotes complete combustion of the air-fuel mixture resulting in extra power squeezed out from the same amount of fuel burnt. Unburnt petrol smell is also eliminated, even on vehicles without a catalytic converter.

Saves fuel with lesser kickdowns and gear changes which cause higher engine RPM and wastes more fuel. Automatic transmission gear shifting is faster and smoother due to the power increase thoughout the entire RPM band.

Shifting quicker into higher gears results in lower RPM, which in turn, saves more fuel. Climbs hills with lesser effort on the accelerator pedal.

Works on all vehicles which run on petrol. The FireStorm Ignition Coil Booster can be fitted in both automobiles and motorbikes.

Easily plugs into the distributor fuse socket without the need to cut any wires or cable harness.

This is not a scam or cheating product. It does work. Comes with 1 year warranty. For enquiry Speed Master Racing on Facebook


John Polk said...

Great post! And thanks for the tip.

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Boon Fui said...

How much the price?