Saturday, April 7, 2012

FireStorm Booster KIA KOUP 2.0 (A)

FireStorm Ignition Coil Booster fitted on KIA KOUP 2.0 (A), driven and use almost a week for the review. You can feel an immediate responses of your car when fitted but all cars are not made equal. It doesn't necessarily mean your car not responding as you wanted and probably caused by other technical reasons.

FireStorm Booster fitted on KIA KOUP 2.0
I don't have the data to prove it and of course, numbers can tell a variety of tales and I understand everyone have different priorities.

What does it do? Saves fuel, improved acceleration response, gear changes felt smoother and faster... obviously it is true what has been stated.

From my own perspective, on normal driving fuel average 8-12 l/100km without FireStorm fitted but with FireStorm fitted, on normal driving fuel average 6-8 l/100km. Another test done on my computer laptop diagnostic program in real time or instant fuel consumption, at constantly driving at 80-100km/h shows averagely 5-7 l/100km.

Bit of good news amongst all the gloom & doom. Please go ahead and try for yourself. For enquiry and more details Speed Master Racing on Facebook

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