Thursday, April 19, 2012

Car Wrapping

Need quotation? Full Wrap? Partial Wrap? Please Kindly bring your car / laptops / ipads etc etc to our showroom for our technicians to evaluate your car & give you an instant quote and at the same time view our color selection, ask any questions and many others. We look forward in serving you soon. Please also check out our website for all the projects that we've done as well as other useful info.

Car Wrapping is a seriously new technology which was started in Germany for the past 10 years ago and now the technology is available here in Brunei. It takes up to 7 days to wrap a car depending on sizes as well as wrap materials. To find out more about prices etc. please kindly read the following below:-

Our foil starts from $1600 for Clear Protection (for new cars or newly used cars) - Depending on size of car etc etc. (Usage of Clear Protection wraps up to 3 years - insha Allah) This simple yet effective clear protection wrap protects your car from scratches, abrasions and most importantly stone chips.

We also carry 'High Speed Protection' wraps (Price from $2800) for those discerning super fast car owners eg. Porsche 911s, Ferraris, Lamborghini's and many others. Here, our High Speed protection wraps can last up to 7 years and durability intact. This too, protects your car from scratches, abrasions, stone chips etc etc.

Our 'Intermediate' wrap starts from $1800. Here we only give limited warranty on workmanship but no warranty on materials (3 to 4 years materials usage - good for those who wants to keep changing colors). Available colors are limitless from Matte to Glossy to Carbon Fibre.

Our top of the range 'Premium' wrap starts from $3800 inclusive of 2 years material warranty & 1 year workmanship warranty (8 to 10 years material usage). This involves 1 or even up to 2 layers of wrap to have that 'satin' finish but still have the Matte look. Color ranges from Matte, Glossy, Carbon Fibre and many others.

We also have speciality wrap/foils such as aligator skin, camouflage, glitter foils as well as chrome.Chrome is the most expensive & most time consuming to install (2 weeks maximum) as it involves 3 layers of wraps hence pricing starts from $15k (chrome silver, chrome red, chrome blue, chrome pink, chrome purple, chrome orange etc etc).

Above all, no matter which wraps you choose, at the end of the day, you still keep your car's original color should you wish to remove your wrap by us anytime. Their just 'wraps' and not to be confused with 'paints'.

All of our wraps are JPD approved, please enquire for more info.
Discounts will be given upon confirmation/bookings, Insha Allah.

Our address : Unit 12, Simpang 624, Kg Madewa, Jln Tutong (Just behind Escapade Sushi Restaurant)

Call : 8750550 (Monday - Saturday / 9am - 7pm) or email

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