Thursday, May 17, 2012

Universal Electrical Dump Valve Kit For Turbo Diesel

What is a dump valve?

Most production turbocharged engines are fitted with a dump valve. This is to vent away excessive turbocharger boost pressure when the throttle is closed.

The dump valve has basically two operating conditions; throttle open and throttle closed. When the throttle is open, the boost pressure coming into the valve from below the diaphragm is equaled by the pressure onto the top of the diaphragm that comes via the small hose from the engine plenum chamber. As the pressures are equal, the spring holds the diaphragm onto its seat, and prevents the pressure venting away. When the throttle is closed, the pressure coming into the top of the valve is significantly reduced, (often to a vacuum), and the pressure below the diaphragm lifts it away from its seat, allowing the excess pressure to vent away. As the throttle reopened, the pressures again equalize, the spring pushes the diaphragm onto its seat, and the boost pressure cannot vent away.

What about turbo diesel dump valve?

If you are asking if you can use a petrol dump valve in your turbo diesel car, the answer is NO. Petrol dump valves are useless to your car because diesel cars are built differently from petrol turbo cars.

Turbo diesel cars are not equipped with the same throttle plates as in a petrol turbo car that controls the engine speed. In a diesel car, the engine needs all the air that the turbocharger can give it. It thrives on compressed air for its cylinders to function optimally. A diesel dump valve will only provide the sound but no performance gain.

Diesel dump valve therefore, not really needed because your turbo diesel car loves the high pressure build up. Should you insist on installing a diesel dump valve in your turbo diesel car, you only get the 'woosh' sound when you shift gears.

There isn't much point in arguing about the necessity of the dump valve in a turbo diesel car. You could install it if you want the performance sound but its down to individual choice and preference as not everyone who drives a turbo diesel wants to install a dump valve.

Universal Electrical Dump Valve Kit For Turbo Diesel
The dump valve is electronically controlled to allow it to work correctly just like on a petrol, only they are usually louder as turbo diesels typically run higher boost pressures.

This kit is universal for all intercooled turbo diesel cars. Pleased be warned you can not use other standard dump valves or blow off valves on turbo diesel cars because turbo diesel do not use vacuum like petrol turbocharged cars, you need a kit with vacuum solenoid and wiring loom which connects to the throttle sensor.

What is inside the box?

Universal Electrical Dump Valve Kit Contents

This is FULL KIT including valve and not just the valve. Comes with all necessary parts as shown in the photo above and also comes with general fitting instructions, recommend a professional installation.

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