Tuesday, May 29, 2012

D.I.Y: JDM Wiper Mod

I wanted to do this a long long time ago, but now I have my chance to DIY - JDM Wiper Mod. The reason I'm doing this because, if you notice when you had the wiper horizontal all the dust, sand, small debris would collect on the blade and when you use the rear wiper to wipe the window all it did was cause more dirtiness and scratch the window. So now, the rear wiper sits vertical, no dust and no sand.

Tools needed are:

- Phillips screwdriver
- Flat head screwdriver
- 10mm socket wrench

Level of difficulty: Very easy.
Estimated time completed: 10-15 minutes.

Let's get on to the DIY shall we?

These are the tools needed.

Factory current setup.

Remove the rear wiper cap.

Unbolt the rear wiper hex bolt using 10mm socket wrench.

Remove the hatch panel using a flat head screwdriver
and carefully pull to open one at the time.

Once you've taken off the rear panel, you'll see the wiper motor and then pull off the connector.
Unbolt 3 hex bolts using 10mm socket wrench. The brass bolt remained on the wiper motor frame.

Remove 4 screws using Phillips screwdriver.

Once removed, you'll see a long rectangular pinion attached to a plastic gearing
on one side and a metal pivot on the other.

Carefully lift up the pinion using a flat screwdriver a little bit and reposition the metal pivot
by sliding it down to the opposite hole and push it in. Reinstall everything backwards.

Play around with it so you don't wipe your rear garnish.

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