Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project: Short Shifter

For those interested in doing things faster, short shifter is a good start. Short shifter does not necessarily shorten your shifter, but they shorten the throw. This means you can move through the gears faster and easier in some cases. Although some may think the short shifter is simply nothing more than just a factory shift lever, but it is not.

I will do a short review on the short shifter that I bought last year but not in the near  future because of my busy work scheduled. As soon as I install and replace the stock shifter in the car, I'll do a brief review on it. In the meantime, I want to show you some photos of courtesies from their respected manufacturers taken from the Internet of their aftermarket parts built for Toyota Echo / Yaris / Vitz for your selections.

All 1st generation 1999 - 2005 Toyota Echo / Yaris / Vitz models
Part #33530-NP100
2000 and up Toyota Echo / Yaris / Vitz model specific
1999 and up Toyota Echo / Yaris / Vitz
Part #914944
2002 and up Toyota Echo / Yaris / Vitz model specific
No matter what brand you've got, installing a short shifter really worth it, but of course it depends on the budget. All products described are from the manufacturers with a good reputations and choose wisely to spend what you can afford.

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Anonymous said...

Hello.. Dibrunei dimana ada bejual kan ne..? aku makai echo plg jua..yatah sometimes when shift gear ada jua kadang2 macam payah masuk gear.. hmm..