Monday, June 4, 2012

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Installing aftermarket fuel pressure regulator is to make sure injector receive enough fuel. Fuel pump is to pump more fuel into injector and by installing a fuel pressure regulator does not increase horse power.

Some say more fuel + more air = more power after tuning.

The answer is NO.

Fuel pressure regulator is to maintain fuel line pressure but not to increase fuel. Bigger injector (cc) + fuel pressure regulator + fuel pump = more power and by changing only one part is no use at all.

With a proper tuning on a dyno for optimum level, owner can get at least 8 WHP increased on normal aspiration by doing proper tuning to fuel pressure regulator for better air fuel ratio.

Fuel pressure regulator doesn't increase horse power actually unless fine tuning the injector timing to maintain A/F ratio. The benefit of higher fuel pressure regulator, apart from ensuring the engine will not run lean is possibly finer fuel spray which aid mixing, evaporation, and enhance combustion. But this is provided the injector holes is small enough so it will spray very fine droplets, else its useless. AFAIK, only those with multiple holes benefit from this.

Be careful when tuning fuel regulator with stock injector as they will defect more quicker. Try to study or Google regarding fuel pressure is suitable for turbo, supercharge, or normal aspiration. Learn without guidance sure will make you astray, so basically learning using Google doesn't prove that you good enough too.

Logically figure influenced a number of reasons:

1. Power to weight ratio (weight of car engine).
2. Type of tires used.
3. Every car has a different gear ratio.
4. Weight mass of the roller may vary between each roller dyno machine.
5. Different units of measurement used, HP, BHP, WHP, PS, etc.

Usually do a dyno before and after mods. Do a comparison with a friend with a same mods and finally do a side by side test on the road against factory stock and your question may be answered.

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