Friday, June 15, 2012

D.I.Y: Cleaning Engine Throttle Body

My car idle speed value is low from standard figure in the specifications which is 650 +/- 50 rpm for manual transmission model. Noted for automatic transmission model 700 +/- 50 rpm.

I decided to DIY cleaning engine throttle body. Let's get on to the DIY shall we?

Tools needed are:

- Phillips screwdriver
- Flat head screwdriver
- 10 mm socket wrench
- 12 mm socket wrench
- 12 mm open wrench 2x
- Torque wrench
- Contact cleaner (cotton buds, dry cloth)
- Lubricating oil (WD-40, Vaseline)
- Engine degreaser (painter brush, copper brush, etc.)

Level of difficulty: Easy
Estimated time completed: Varied (at least an hour or more)

These are the tools needed.

First remove by pulling out the air cleaner inlet duct (red circle) and move it aside. Release the two springs of the air cleaner housing (yellow circle) then lift off the upper section and remove the filter element.

Lift the canister purge valve off its holder, and move it aside.

Disconnect the airflow meter wiring plug.

Loosen the accelerator cable adjuster nuts and remove the cable from the bracket.

Remove the three mounting bolts using 10 mm socket wrench and lift off the air cleaner housing.

Remove two screws using Phillips screwdriver and pull out the airflow meter.

Use contact cleaner, spray the intake air temperature sensor gently wipe with cotton bud or dry cloth. Tip airflow meter upside down and have a look inside you will see two thin wires with small resistors. These get hot and get coked with oil. Clean them with contact cleaner. Refit in the reverse order of removal.

The intake air temperature sensor cleaned (yellow circle).

Disconnect two wiring plugs (blue circle), remove four housings (red circle), remove two bolts (yellow circle) with 12 mm socket wrench (15 lbf.ft), one bolt (orange circle) with 10 mm socket wrench (6 lbf.ft). Lift the engine throttle body.

Clean and wipe the carbon deposits inside the intake manifold exhaust with dry cloth.

Retain the O-Ring and you need to lubricate it with Vaseline when fitting back into place.

Cleaning in progress with engine degreaser.

Once cleaning the engine throttle body done, refitting is a reversal of removal. Check-up everything are tighten up. Start your engine and check-up for abnormalities.

First minute idle speed after engine started.

Five minutes idle speed after engine started.

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Michika Atieno said...

Good tutorial, I'm looking for this for my toyota corolla to DIY cleaning engine throttle body. Thanks you put effort to share this information!