Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Journey Part 3 : Ngeehhhh

We went inside the shop to see what is in the stores for us,there were some few stuff that really got us going and accidentally bought something that we shouldn't buy.. oh well its not that we going here everyday...

Z33 Ganador Side mirrors which way way cheaper, and i know someone regret didn't bought it in the first place

The Black car is a Nissan Leaf, you can see it in Top Gear season 17 Episode 6 and its electric car which you need to charge it up for 13 hours if the battery is Kaput .

Hella Flush!

The Nissan Skyline R34 !!

Even Prius was looking awesome on that day

Our taxi of the day

After all that we head out to satisfy our stomach

So i guess that is it for our Journey in Chiba even thou it was raining but still it was insane fun, more picture on what we accidentally bought on the next Season 3.. i mean next post,so stay safe and buckle up when driving.


vios said...

arrrgghhhhh syurga kereta eh damam tarus ne eh mleat

khairul said...

teringat when I was at Hiroshima last timw ...giler !