Monday, November 14, 2011

Exhaust Upgrade

One of the most common upgrade to free up the power from your ride is by changing to a free flow exhaust system and that doesn't mean you must use those $600-1000+ branded exhaust which doesn't = more power compared to custom free flow exhaust system.


The original exhaust on the yaris and vios are very restrictive with a valve system that only opens up at high rpm to ensure good low end torque and minimal sound.


To free up the exhaust which in turns more power and without excessive noise the yaris uses the Lukey Ultraflo which is proven to free 3hp on the previous vios project. The exhaust is has a 2in inlet and 2in outlet and is a straight thru muffler.


Back2Stock said...

Ragat ! :)

priya said...

Hey thanks man!! you are so good. I think this the perfect work. Exhaust Shops

Cube said...

I was wondering ifyou guys know where I can get sports/short shocks for my 1st gen Echo?

sam said...

Cube,you can get it at shh pro shop or you can order thru FB