Saturday, May 14, 2011

RacePak IQ3

The Other day i was watching this Mira Video which was kinda insane and awesome, the most coolest part i like the most is the RacePak IQ3 Display Dash.. Yes i said it again slowly a RacePak..... IQ3..... Display.... Dash on a Mira. you know those thing ain't that cheap, but on a mira? i totally respect that ride.

Ok what is so great about the IQ3 Display Dash?

· Display up to 28 inputs via 4 pages

· Blue backlight
· Gear Indicator
· 8 user defined alarms with warning text and lights
· User defined 5-character sensor input names
· User defined shift lights
· Shielded, low luster display for sunlight viewing
· Metric / Imperial Configurable

The IQ3 Display Dash can be utilized with any of Racepak's V-Net data loggers, providing a compact, fully programmable LCD digital dash for use in a variety of motorsports.

Progressive shift lights, eight warning lights and all inputs are easily programmable through the DataLink II software.

A single V-Net cable is routed to the rear of the dash, providing power and access to all sensor information transmitted to the data logger. Up to 24 different sensor inputs may be displayed on a total of four programmable pages. The blue backlight provides excellent viewing for both daylight and nighttime usage, while the low luster display screen provides excellent protection against scratches.

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