Sunday, May 1, 2011

Car Show at Giant

Its Sunday and its hot and sunny outside, i saw some status on Facebook saying there will be a car show at Giant, Start my Engine, A quick shower, Indomie breakfast and a cup of Misai Kucing coffee will just do the trick.

The Parking Lot

Mr Sam Yellow NSX

The Show

The Green Goblin Ride is what Russel Peters would Say " Its Mind Blasting "
Two Thumbs up for Mr Green Goblin.

The most Coolest or kick ass Spoiler of the show would definitely be this Mazda 2

What will be Great is if they set this car show during Night time or give a tent for an extra pay , so it wouldn't be hot for the participant that will be great,plus i didn't stay too long at the event cause i was nearly fried due to the hot sunny day.

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