Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Toda Exhaust DC5

Toda Exhaust System RSX DC5

The TODA DC5 High Power Exhaust System is a fully engineered performance exhaust system.
During the course of development, various pipe diameters, muffler designs, and bends were tested,
until the final design was conceived. After receiving countless customer requests about which exhaust system is best when used in conjunction
with TODA K20A parts, their engineers evaluated and tested all available DC5 exhaust systems on the market.

After analyzing the results, the engineers decided to develop their own DC5 exhaust system.
The main design criteria for this system was maximum power output.

The system utilizes stainless steel piping with a true 60mm inner diameter (60mm ID) for maximum flow, and performance.

The gross weight of the muffler system is 12kg (26.4lbs), offering a substantial weight savings over the factory exhaust system.


Anonymous said...

The Muffler's main function is to reduce engine noise to an acceptable level. Engine noise is a jumbled collection of its fundamental firing frequencies, which range from about 100 to 400 hertz Mufflers

venugopal said...

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