Monday, July 12, 2010

Spark Plug

It's been awhile but I have been doing reviews with spark plug for the last 6 month or so. My cars usually eats spark plugs. By that I mean it's always foul.

So i've been using 4 different types of spark plug. The cheapest being NGK-R copper spark plugs : Cost 6 bucks
Up a notch is the bosch standard plugs cost me 7 bucks.
Then there's the all mighty HKS spark plug cost me 110.
Lastly is the NGK-iridium. Cost 100 with discount.

Well the NGK-R for me Last about 2 month. Good spark plug I have to say. So next I try them Bosch. well bosch on the other hand they give me a hard time. It's hard for me to start at the morning and when it's raining it's making some funny noises. Believe it's not my coil or my cable since I have them check at Singapore motors. Coils and cable are fine.

When I check my bosch plug, i was shock to see the insulator part burn off. This never happen to my NGK-r plug. So i had to replace them. I was afraid if i bought knock off version of bosch plug so i did some reseach.

Comes out most people have issues with bosch plug. I'm not labeling that this spark plug is bad or not good but for the survey it comes out 10:1. Some may swear by them but as for myself i would never buy them plugs again.

Next we have the HKS Fire racing. Now this spark plug I have to say are good but for the price hmm expensive yes. But for the sake of review I just close my eyes and pay for them.

I have no problem starting in the morning and what so ever. It's just the lifespan for me is fast. It only last about 1 month or so. But if I have the money I'll surely buy them again. Rest asure that the life span of the spark plugs are short due to my engine is running very rich right now.

Lastly but not least is the NGK-iridium spark plugs. This spark plugs cost me about 100 with some discount from a friend. I have to say i'm impress about them. NGK is a brand that i recon for. The price is quite affordable/cheaper for an iridium plugs compare to other brand. This is the spark plug that I'm currently using. I bought it last march and till now my car seem to love it.

So thats about it. Will update further for reviews.

By: Eziely

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