Saturday, June 26, 2010

New make over

Got It paint at Rudy San Under ground workshop, nice finishing

Back at home need to take out the old Bumper which is a pain in the ass

lots of bolt and nuts that need to be taken out,my advice get somebody to help you out.

the Finishing touch with a lil a bit of scratch here and there


Ian MA70 said...

so, this is what you have been up to. hehehe. patutlah nda timbul2nya arh BD. :-D

smokey said...

hehehe sibuk bosss

Syairazi said...

I've got a secondhand 1999 echo. Spent most of my money Re-Painted it, changing the rims, changed the front absorber and changed the interior.

Still haven't got the idea for the performance part. Do you have any suggestion? What's your echo's engine? Mine is 1SZ-FE.