Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chassis Reinforcement For Street FF

The EG6 is a great platform for the beginning racer since it has plenty of aftermarket parts available on the market today. First, high performance tires and suspension were installed. Next, was the rear sway bar modification. The basics theory of racing a FF vehicle is to transfer the weight to the front by braking before the corner entry. However, during cornering, the car produces lots of understeer, especially without a LSD. By installing a bigger rear sway bar, the body roll is eliminated, providing more traction.

Additional support to the firewall/fenders can be applied with triangle fender reinforcement bars, boosting up the vehicle handling.

On this chassis, it may not be the best to install numerous strut and floor bars. In some cases, chassis flex can actually be of some aid during cornering. So first, drive the car at a race track to determine whether or not chassis reinforcement is necessary. Then, slowly start adding on components that enhance your ability.
The suspension settings should change as the driver's technique gets better. The chassis reinforcement starts there.

Inspect before the reinforcement
Under the upper suspension arm, there is a spot where the frame had been welded together. Inspect this area for cracks before performing any modifications.

No side reinforcement beams necessary for a roll cage
A 6 or 7 point roll cage is enough for a FF vehicle not equipped with a LSD. The side reinforcement beams may be too stiff for this setup.

Rear sway bar + triangle fender supports
By reinforcing the rear sway, the weight transfers to the front end of the car during cornering. Then, by adding the front triangle fender bars, the car is able to turn corners without a LSD.

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Great work done in this car. It would be nice to do some driving around with it even if it would take the whole day for me. =)