Saturday, May 22, 2010

To Hyundai Owners

This is what everyone’s been waiting for.
After a big success and proven ability to do full reflashes on Beta/Alpha/Delta 1.6/2.0/2.7 engines with years of experience,
Seoulfulracing is finally offering full reflash solutions for Theta/Lambda engines equipped with continental/Dephi ECUs
(Genesis Coupe 2.0T/3.8 V6, Genesis Sedan 3.8 V6, Azera/Sonata 2.4/3.3/3.8, Kia K5/K7, Kia Forte,etc)
It’s already proven in Korea but they just need to do some final testings on customers/vendors cars. Test ECUs have been already sent to individuals and shops ,and they are waiting on the feedbacks.

Their ECU reflash will:
- change timings
- better throttle response
- TCS fully off
- raise rev limiter (manual tranny only, final gear for auto tranny)
- increase in torque/horse power
- better gas mileage while crusing
while it does not throw engine codes and any error codes will not show on OBD scanners

Detailed dyno numbers and feedbacks will be posted shortly.
Their ECU reflash service will be offered starting the end of May.
Please contact Them at if you have any questions.

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Dice said...

woohoo..loving it....