Saturday, February 6, 2010


It is only inevitable that Prius owners would want to start adding parts to their cars. I think this is ingrained in every car buff’s DNA. The first and second generation Prius’ look about as boring as you can get. And there is really no aftermarket support for this car; seems a little strange since there are over 1 million of these cars on the street today.

Tom’s Racing has been a tuner of all things Toyota in Japan since 1974. Being from Japan I have only read stories and seen pictures of Tom’s car wearing subtle body kits and sporting high performance parts. Well now Tom’s make a variety of parts for the Prius.

Tom’s has a nice upgrade to the ugly stock Prius rims. The 16-inch forged aluminum EP-1 wheel not only comes in a sweet silver color, but it is nice and light, and a big improvement over their 15-inch stock counterparts.
There is a nice front upper strut bar that connects the front upper mounts to improve body stiffness.
The Tom’s Barrel Exhaust is made of SUS 304 stainless steel and not only provide a nice visual que for the rear of the car, but also adds to the sound by creating a nice exhaust note.

The front spoiler adds a subtle hint of aggression and at least break up the stock boring feel. The lip is made from ABS which is more flexible and forgiving than fiberglass could ever be.

So set your Prius apart without sacrificing performance or fuel economy with some aftermarket parts.

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