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Lukey Exhaust Systems

Walker leads the Australian exhaust market with an extensive range of replacement mufflers, engine pipes, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, universal mufflers and accessories. Included in Walker's extensive product range is the well - known Australian brand, Lukey.

The Lukey brand is also a dominant brand in the Australian market and encompasses all performance exhaust systems and accessories manufactured and sold by Walker Australia.
In the original equipment market, Walker supplies to all major local vehicle manufacturers including Ford, Holden, Toyota and Mitsubishi. So you know that when you buy one of their products - your buying from the best.

here are some of lukey products :

Performance Air Filters

Lukey has developed a range of new performance airfilters featuring our exclusive Ultra Flo technologythat increasese air velocity through your engine,giving your car an instant increase in performancewhile improving your engine's fuel economy. Lukey Air Filters feature unique Ultra Flo technologywhich allows the best mix of airflow and cool air filtration. The filters feature multiple layers of polyester fibrechannels that guide air through the filter without theair losing it's velocity. This unique channel structureallows a larger filtration surface than traditional airfilters, so they work far more effectively. Being made of polyester (not cotton) they don't needany gauze to prevent fluffing on the filter, so they'remuch easier to clean. You simply rinse the filter in a water .


A new Lukey Performance Header will increase the power of your car by 10% to 25% by reducing back pressure and promoting fast, efficient extraction of exhaust gases.
Manufactured from 1.6mm and 2.0mm Mild Steel, Lukey Performance Headers are an interference-type design aimed at giving performance increase over a wide range of driving conditions. Some designs available in 409 stainless steel. Finished in a high temperature black coating, rated at over 700 degrees Celsius. Laser cut flanges ensure perfect fitment with no heat warping.
Stainless Steel Tips
Lukey have a complete range of stainless steel exhaust tips that help add the finishing touch to virtually any vehicle. Manufactured from high polish, high chromium 304 Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel Tips offer several advantages over old style chrome exhaust tips. Stainless steel will continue to look good on a vehicle, long after similar chrome style tips have lost their shine or flaked.
Typically the appearance of chrome tips will last for less than 6 months; stainless steel tips however will hold their shine for the lifetime of the exhaust system. Most of the Lukey Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips range are push or interference fit and can be welded with no damage to the finish.

Sports Systems

Lukey 3" Super Systems provide you with outstanding performance and the famous Lukey growl. All Super Systems are made using mandrel bent pipes and incorporate the latest in Lukey design. Topped off with a Black heat proof performance coat, a Lukey Super System is the bolt-on upgrade you car needs.

Ultra Flo Muffler
The Lukey Ultra Flo muffler features a straight-through design for ultimate flow, power and performance. Its design is ideal for the driver who wants performance as well as the famous Lukey growl.
Available in two variations - polished Stainless Steel or Aluminum Coated Mild Steel (ACMS).
The high chromium polished Stainless Steel Lukey Ultra Flo has stainless steel wool wrapped around the perforated tube and is packed with high temp Continuous Roving Fibreglass (CRF) for maximum sound control.
The ACMS Lukey Ultra Flo is constructed with a 1.2mm ACMS shell and features a 409 Stainless Steel mandrel-bent continuous perforated tube. It's also packed with hi-temp Continuous Roving Fibreglass (CRF) for maximum sound control.

Turbo Muffler
The Lukey Turbo muffler design is one of the most popular performance mufflers in the world.
Patented flow directors that channel exhaust flow for maximum performance.
Fibreglass mat delivers a true performance sound.
Large internal diameter tubes for maximum flow.
Wrapped in a 1.2mm Aluminum Coated Mild Steel (ACMS) shell, all internal components and head plates for the Lukey Turbo are manufactured from 409 stainless steel and are MIG welded. The construction ensures the Lukey Turbo is durable enough to provide improved performance for years to come.

Race Muffler

The Lukey Race Muffler is specifically designed for race conditions, uncompromising on power, torque and durable enough to survive the high temperatures and rough knocks that motor racing dishes out.
Manufactured from unpolished 409 Stainless Steel, the Lukey Race also features 409 Stainless Steel internals and is fully MIG and TIG welded. The welds ensure the Lukey Race is durable and leak proof, with zero expansion of the joints. Packed with CRF (Continuous Roving Fibreglass) for maximum sound control.
Available in round and oval configurations.

Compact, round design for tight ground clearance.

Moderate sound control – suited to race use.
Straight through design for maximum flow.
Fibreglass packed for noise suppression.

Super Cat Converters

For superior performance and efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Large body design – for up to 460 CID engines when used as a two way converter.
26% more frontal area for increased performance.

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