Friday, June 19, 2009

Review: Nulon coolant and Endless S4 brake fluid

My verdict on the coolant:
I've been using cheapo's coolant simply available at any supermarket yes SUPERMARKET i.e TURBOCOOLANT [BND.90] until recently having my Rad-A-Tor 0 friendly busted the top half squirting all the coolant on my engine bay shorting the Ignition coil and messing with the paint job and making white residue on the dizzy cap.

It's mental I say so after I had some cash pile up I try the Nulon Coolant. Normally my temp shows half but when I use nulon the temp never reach half of the gauge which is good. During the last 4 month my radiatior is free of the rust and corrosion. Then my radiator hose is busted making my car overheated another icing on the cake of unfortunate event.

But what the heck, its time to jump over to the REDLINE WATERWETTER. Cost is cheaper then the nulon. Color is red then the common green stuff. BND20.00 small bottle but enough to cool down your temp to the max. You can get them from JDMjunkies blogspot a member of the blazing-r forum.

So my verdict for the Nulon is 2 thumbs up. Going to make another review for the redline waterwetter soon.

Next is the Endless S-four Brake fliud.

My verdict:
My old brake fluid is a DOT-3 Eagle1 brand common brand again can be purchase at your local SUPERMARKET cost not more then 15 bucks. When my brake master pump died on me the other day [Yet again another unfortunate event nearly crash into the suak] it's that time again to bite the wallet and buy a brake pump and brake fluid. So I try the endless brake fluid after being racuz by my brother. Cost around 40 ish. Install the brake pump and bleed the rusted old brake fluid and pour in the new endless s4. Take a quick stage zero with my brother and try the new brake feel. Feels good and have a good bite during cornering and no more spongy feeling. Braking power is there when you need it at an instant.

I get recommendation to upgrade my brake line also to the pro rs brake lines to get the max potential out of the s4 brake fluid. If i have money i'll do the brake line upgrade.

So I give two thumbs up and 2 feet up while clapping for the Endless brake fluid. cheers

All the product was vastly tested by me and my mad brother during the last 4 month and we recommend you guys out there to try out the product.

Aritcle by Eziely