Saturday, June 27, 2009


i-Wax Ent. are the sole dealer and uses Swissvax for their washing, detailing, waxing, cloth brush etc. For those who doesnt know, Swissvax are world class wax on par with zymol and other high quality wax.

Their work quality are also as good as their wax. I decided to have a quick wash in/out for $8 and saw good work and the glass are also clean using swissvax qlass cleaner fluid and towels the boss make sure the swissvax towels are clean.
While waiting i was taking a look at some of the swissvax product and the boss were kind enough to entertain me and explaining about some of the swissvax products, they aslo have a car care kit available for Lamborghini and Rolls Royce which is a special blend for the special paintjob.

The wax are also kept in a refrigerated area to preserve the wax and the wax package cost $140 for small to medium cars.
I was also explained about the interior plastic detailing the causes for the dashboard to crack and turn whit and how the product above a different in terms of quality so i decided to try the interor detailing for another $25 and they really took their time and paid attention to every detail.

I was very satisfied that the interior look fresh, not greasy and doest smear when i wipe it with my hand, the boss also told me dressing will protect and helps water to glide on the plastic.

For more info on Swissvax:

Shop is loacted in Menglait not far from concepts computer.

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